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This club ride archive consists of this one page and lists virtually all weekend rides since January of 2011.  This consists of several hundred rides which is a daunting volume of data to dig through if you're looking for a particular ride. 

To simplify this process you can sort the listings into a sequence that allows you to find the ride that interests you.  This is done by clicking on  the title of any of the columns below. 

For example, if you are interested in number of mile, click on the "Miles" column title and the entire table will rearrange itself into sequence by miles with the short rides at the top and the long ones at the bottom.  Click on the "Miles" column title a second time and the order will reverse itself so you have the long ones at the top. 

The terrain column is from the SRCC ride rating system.  Some are rated "HC", read this before trying them.

The other columns work the same way, almost. The sequence of the "Starts at" column is not plain alphabetic.  Each start location has been placed within a North/East/South/West quadrant, all rides that start within a quadrant are grouped together.  To create these quadrants imagine a big X centered at Hwy 12 and Fulton.  This places Healdsburg and Windsor to the north, Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen to the east, Cotati and Petaluma to the south and Sebastopol and the west county to the west.  So, if you want a ride out of Cotati, you would click on the Starts at column and then page down to the southern section where you'll find all of the south county rides grouped together.  There is also an additional section with an "R" prefix.  "R" is for Remote, all rides that start outside Sonoma County are listed in this additional R section.

Click on any event name to view the original web page describing that ride.

Terrain Miles Starts at Event Roads
HC 129 (N) Alex Valley School Fearsome Five 15,000 Geysers, Pine Mtn, Geysers, Ida Clayton, Pine Flat. Marc Moons.
HC 133 (N) Lk Sonoma Visitor Cntr Bad Little Brother 14,500 Dutcher, Boonville, MtView, Hwy 1, Annapolis, Skaggs.
1 12 (S) Joe Rodota Trail at Sebastopol Rd., West of Wright Rd. Derailleurs, Spokes & Gears Joe Rodota, Morris St, W County Trail, Andy's, Return.
1 22 (N) Youth Community Park A Little Superbowl Ride Creek Trail, Willowside, Woolsey, Fulton.
1 22 (E) SW Community Park Christmas Cookie Ride Stony Pt, Llano, Willowside, Marlow, thru SR.
1-2 24 (E) Santa Rosa City Hall 167' Magic Kaffe Creek Trail, Willowside, Slusser, Airport Blvd, Fulton.
1-2 24 (E) Howarth Park Tennis Courts Presidents Day Fun Ride Creek Trail, Hall Rd, Sebastopol, Joe Rodota trail.
1 24 (E) SW Community Park Celebrating LIMA SR Crk Trl, Graton, High School Rd, Joe Rodota.
1-2 26 (N) Youth Community Park Mellow Sunday Youth Community Park
1-2 27 (N) Esposti Park A Sunday Ride Mark West, Westside Rd, Eastside Rd.
1-2 27 (N) Esposti Park Valentines Day Ride Mark West, Westside Rd, Eastside Rd.
1 28 (N) Youth Community Park, Santa Rosa President Day ride Laguna, Starr, Laughlin.
1-2 28 (W) Willowside School Steel 39 Slusser, Hembree, Laughlin.
1-2 30 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' To Jimtown Westside, Canyon, Geysers Rd, Red Winery, Hwy 128, Lyttons, Chiquita.
1-2 35 (E) Howarth Park 229' TRENTON-FORESTVILLE Creek Trail, Trenton, West County Trail, Creek Trail.
1-2 36 (E) Rosso Rosticceria - 1229 N Dutton Ave Santa Rosa, California 95401 The Wild Brunch Creek Trail, West County Trail, Martinelli, Westside, Wohler, River Wood, Coffey.
1 37 (N) Youth Community Park SUN-Day Ride to The Bean Affair Old Red, Dry Creek, Lytton.
1-2 40 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Healdsburg-Cloverdale W Dry Creek, Dutcher, Cloverdale Asti, Chiquita.
1 50 (N) Airport Cinema, North parking lot To Duncans Mills and Back Mark West Station, River Rd, Duncans Mills, return.
2 19 (W) Bloomfield Bloomfield Pancake Breakfast Ride "Downtown" Bloomfield, CA
2 20 (N) 9:00 AM Nicasio to Fairfax and Back Downtown Nicasio; Anne Graver
2-3 24 (S) Cheese Factory Cheese Factory - Point Reyes Red Hill, Platform Bridge, Point Reyes.
2 25 (N) Healdsburg City Hall A-1 March: Anyone Can Whistle West Dry Creek, Warm Springs Dam, Dry Creek.
2 27 (W) Analy High School A Sweetie Valentine Ride Sebastopol, Forestville, Martinelli, Westside, Laguna.
2 28 (E) Juliard Park 163' January Jaunt 2014 Sebastopol, Cherry Ridge, High School Rd, Hall Rd, Creek Trail.
2 28 (R) Chileno Valley School Chileno Valley Chileno Valley, Tomales Petaluma Rd, Tomales. return.
2 30 (N) Healdsburg Davids Gearing Up Training Ride Eastside, Westside.
2 30 (E) Howarth Park 229' Cant get Enough of Mom’s Apple Pie SR Creek trail, Sebastopol, Mom's, Willowside, SR Creek trail.
2 32-36 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Harvest Ride and Picnic Healdsburg, Westside Rd; River Rd (Korbel); Eastside Rd; Patrecia Graham
2+ 32 (E) Finley Park River Ramble Guerneville rd, Eastside, Starr, Slusser, Piner.
2-3 32 (E) Howarth Park 229' Moms Apple Pie on PI day the A/B version Creek Trail, Hall Rd, Mom's, Joe Rodota.
2-3 32 (W) Ragle Park Rollers out to Wild Flour Ragle Park, Sebastopol
2 34 (N) Schaefer School VFD Pancake Breakfast Ride Fulton, Faught, Starr, Slusser, Laughlin.
2 34 (N) 8:00 AM Halloween Costume Ride Windsor Town Green; Ramona Turner
2 34 (N) Schaefer School VFD Pancake Breakfast Ride Fulton, Faught, Starr, Slusser, Laughlin.
2-3 34 (E) Howarth Park Howarth Park to Glen Ellen Village Channel Dr, Lawndale, Warm Springs, Hwy 12, Oakmont.
2-3 34 (S) Cotati Vets Hall 120' Cotati - Valley Ford Roblar, Petaluma Valley Ford, middle/Marsh loop, return via Canfield, Blank.
2 35 (E) Howarth Park Howarth to Penngrove Petaluma Hill Rd, E Railroad, Old Red, Davis, Petaluma Hill Rd.
2 35 (S) Cotati Vets Hall Chillin on Chileno Pepper, Chileno Valley, Liberty.
2-3 36 (N) Howarth Park (tennis courts) Howarth to Glen Ellen Market Howarth Park, Oakmont, Lawndale, Warm Springs, Henno
2 36 (E) Howarth Park (tennis courts) Glen Ellen Market from Howarth Park Howarth, Warm Springs Glen Ellen, Hwy 12, Oakmont.
2-3 36 (S) Cotati Vets 8505 Park Ave, Cotati Penngrove Firemans Pancake Breakfast Ride Pengrove, Chileno Vly, Pepper.
2 36 (S) Walnut Park, Petaluma Journey to the Secret Kitchen Walnut Park, Petaluma
2 37 (N) Esposti Park Coffee and Pie at Moms Esposti Park, Windsor; Len Hirschi
2 37 (N) Esposti Sunday Loop Esposti to Windsor and Sebastpol; Len Hirschi
2 37 (E) Vallejo Barracks lot 90' Sonoma to Napa Burnside, Ramal Duhig, Old Sonoma, Brown's Valley, Burnham, return.
2-3 38 (N) Esposti Park 140' Alexander Valley in the Fall Chalk Hill, Hwy 128, Geyserville Mud, Chiquita, Hembree, Old Red.
2-3 38 (E) Howarth Park 229' Kenwood Farmers Market Ride Oakmont, Lawndale, Warm Springs, Henno, Jack London, return.
2-3 38 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Two Bakeries Ride Cherry Ridge, Jonive, Middle, Tomales-Petaluma, Roblar.
2 39 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Healdsburg to Plank Coffee & Back W.Side Rd, Dutcher, Asti, Chiquita.
2 39 (S) Cotati Vets Hall De Plane, De Plane Roblar, Valley Ford, Liberty Old Red.
2-3 39 (W) Analy HS, north lot. (copy) Twin Hills Pancake Ride To Twin Hills for pancakes then Bloomfield, Valley Ford.
2-3 39 (W) Analy High Twin Hills Firemans Breakfast Rides Twin Hills Fire, Bloomfield, Valley Ford.
2-3 39.5 (S) Cotati Dog Park Tomales Treats Roblar, Gercike, Middle, Carmody, Pepper.
2 40-49 (N) Esposti Park, Windsor Kruisin to Korbel Eastside, Westside, Graton.
2-3 40 (E) Howarth Park 229' Howarth - Sonoma Mtn -Sebastopol Bennett Vly, Presley, Roblar, Bloomfield, Joe Rodota.
2-3 41 (E) Plaza Park, Kenwood, CA Kenwood to Lovall Valley: a "Crisp" fall ride Lawndale, Arnold, Lovell Valley, Glen Ellen.
2-3 41 (S) Cotati Dog Park Ride to Tomales Valley Ford Rd, Tomales, Twin Bridge, Pepper.
2-3 41 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Ragle to Tomales and Back Occidental Rd, Boho, Franklin School, Whitaker Bluff, Carmody, Bloomfield.
2-3 42 (N) Esposti Park Coffee in Geyserville Chalk Hill, Canyon, Dry Creek, Eastside.
2 42 (S) Sonoma Barracks Parking lot Sonoma to Browns Valley Ramal, Cuttings Wharf, Los Carneros, Brown's Valley.
2 43 () Calistoga Spa Hot Springs Calistoga to Yountville An out-and-back from Calistoga along the Silverado Trail to Yountville and back.
2-3 43 (N) Esposti Park 140' 3 Valleys Chalk Hill, Alex Valley, Westside, Mark West Station.
2-3 43 (N) Esposti Park 140' 3 Valleys, 3 Hours Chalk Hill, Alex Valley, Westside, Mark West Station.
2-3 43 (E) Howarth Park 229' The ONLY Pi Day Ride in Our Lifetime! 3-14-15! Creek Trail, Sebastopol, Cherry Ridge, Vine Hill, Mark West, Willowside, Creek Trail.
2 45 (S) Cotati Dog Park Nikolas Birthday Ride Roblar, Gericke, Middle, Twin Bridge, Fallon 2 Rock, Pepper.
2-3 45 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Ragle Park to the world famous Wildflour Bakery Joe Rodota, Stony Pt,Roblar, VLy Ford, Boho, Graton.
2-3 45.5 (W) Barlow Center, Sebastopol 66' Sebastopol to Tomales LLano, Bloomfield, Tomales, Roblar, Pleasant Hill Anne Graver
2-3 47 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Asti Summer Bridge Asit, River Rd, Dutcher, W Dry Creek Ron Hodges
2 48 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' New Pavement Celebration Ride Dry Creek, West Dry Creek, Westside, Eastside.
2-3 49&30 (N) Youth Community Park 117' A Two Layer Sticky Buns Ride Willowside, Bloomfield, Valley Ford, BoHo, Graton, Hall Rd, Piner Rd.
2 50 (N) San Miguel School 165' Quest of the Mustard Patch Chalk Hill, Lytton, Westside, Laughlin.
2 51 (N) Esposti Park 140' Magic on Sunday Chalk Hill, Geyserville, Westside Rd.
2 51 (N) San Miguel School Journey to Jimtown Chalk Hill, Lambert Br, Westside, Eastside Janice Thomas
2 52 (S) Cotati Vets Hall Tomales Plus Chileno Valley Valley Ford, Middle, Chileno Valley.
2-3 54 (W) Analy High School Valentines Sweetheart Ride Bloomfield, Burnside, Barnett Valley, Boho, Eastside, Willowside.
2 62.5 (E) Howarth Park Howarth to Healdsburg 100K Old Red, Dry Creek, Lytton, Canyon, W.Dry Creek, Old Red.
2-4 65 (E) Howarth Park Two Hill Winter Trainer Spring Mtn, Silverado Tr, Dry Creek, Trinity.
2-3 68 (S) Cotati Dog Park 112' Cotati-Pt Reyes Station-Petaluma Loop Pepper, Fallon 2 Rock, Hwy 1, Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd.
2-3 69 (E) Santa Rosa City Hall 167' March Magic Treats and Miles with Mills Penngrove, Valley Ford, Guerneville, Santa Rosa.
2 98 (N) Youth Community Park Not the Fondo Flat Century Youth Community Park, 1700 Fulton Rd (Across from Piner High)
3 25 (W) Barlow Center, Sebastopol Short and Sweet (Scenic Hills) Graton Rd, Occidental Rd, Watertrough, Fredericks.
3 33 (W) Ragle Ranch Park, Sebastopol Ragle to Wildflour Bakery Cunningham, Roblar, Valley Ford, Occidental.
3 34 (N) 9:00 AM Harrison Grade to Guerneville Ragle Park, 500 Ragle Road, Sebastopol; Tom Abrams
3 36 (W) Barlow Center, Sebastopol Pancake Breakfast Ride Pocket Canyon, River, West County Trail.
3 36 (W) Ragle Park Wildflour Wandering Ragle Park, Sebastopol
3-4 37 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Healdsburg to Guerneville and back via Sweetwater Springs Rd. Out 'n back - Westside, Sweetwater, Armstrong, Sweetwater, Westside.
3-4 37 (S) Dunham Elementary School Gold Ridge VDF Pancake Breakfast Ride Hessel. Canfield, Roblar, Franklin Sch, Fallon 2 Rock, Pepper.
3 37 (W) Barlow Center, Sebastopol Sebastopol Loop to Wildflour Bloomfield, Burnside, Valley Ford, Bloomfield.
3 38 (N) Esposti Park, Windsor Loop via Healdsburg and Chalk Hill Eastside, Alexander Valley, Chalk Hill.
3 38 (N) Finley Park Finley Center to Wildflour Occidental, Freestone.
3 38 (N) Sebastopol Not Quite the Promised Land Near 103 Morris St, Sebastopol; Len Hirschi
3-4 38 (N) Keiser Park 113' Dont Let the Short Distance Fool You Eastside Road, Vine Hill Road, Graton Road, Harrison Grade, Green Valley, Westside, Starr.
3 38 (W) Ragle Ranch Park, Sebastopol Blitzin the 4 B's Burnside, Canfield, Roblar, Boho, Graton Rd.
3 39 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Spinning Wheel Healdsburg, Geyserville Ave, Canyon Rd hill repeats.
3 39 (W) Analy High School Twin Hills Pancake Ride Bloomfield, Valley Ford, Roblar, Canfield.
3-4 40-63 () Veteran's Memorial Park, Yountville (California Dr and Washington St) On the Shoulders of Atlas Peak Silverado Trail, Dry Creek Rd, Mount Veeder, Cuttings Wharf, Silverdo Tr.
3 40 (N) Windsor Town Green Mill Creek Eastside, Westside, Mill Creek; Ramona Turner
3-4 40 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Healdsburg City Hall to the guard rail Chiquita, Pine Flat, Canyon Rd, Dry Creek.
3 40 (N) Schaefer School 137' Windsor - West County Hills River Rd, Mark West, Vine Hill, Harrison Gr, Barnett Vly, Joe Rodota trail.
3-4 40.8 (E) Channel Drive Lot 340' Cavedale Trinity Lawndale, Warm Springs, Arnold Dr. Cavedale, Trinity return, .
3 41 (N) Finley College Sunday Services at Moms Apple Pie Wallace, River Rd, Vine Hill, Hall Rd.
3 41 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Healdsburg 2 Cloverdale Healdsburg City Hall; (Rain Cancels). Anne Graver.
3 41 (E) Howarth Park, Santa Rosa Sonoma Mountain-Sebastopol Loop Howarth, Sonoma Mtn, Canfield.
3 42 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Healdsburg Geyserville loop W. Dry Creek, Dutcher, Chiquita.
3 42 (N) Healdsburg City Hall. Loop from Healdsburg Canyon, Hwy 128, Chalk Hill.
3-4 42 (E) Crane Park (on Grayson Ave, St. Helena) St. Helena Spring Wildflower Ride Howell Mtn, Ink Grade, Pope Vly, Silverado Trail.
3-4 42 (E) Howarth Gettin jiggy wit it Calistoga Rd, Sharpe, Kortum Canyon, Silverado Tr, Spring Mtn.
3 43 (N) Esposti Park Alexander Valley Classic Chalk Hill, Canyon, W. Dry Creek.
3 43 (N) Esposti Park 140' Esposti loop to Calistoga and Back Chalk Hill, 128, Franz Valley, Calistoga, Porter Creek, Mark West.
3 43.2 (N) Schaefer School 137' West County Hills - Wildflour Vine Hill, Harrison Grade, Bohemian Hwy, Barnett Valley, Joe Rodota.
3-4 44 (N) Keiser Park 113' Windsor to Guerneville - The Hard Way Wohler, Sweetwater, May's Canyon Green Valley, Vine Hill.
3-4 45 (N) Youth Community Park 117' Back in the Saddle Again Riebli, Los Alamos, Hwy 12, Sugarloaf, Oakmont, Sonoma Ave.
3 45 (W) Barlow Center Barlow Center to Tomales Bakery Todd, Bloomfield, Middle, Carmody, Canfield.
3-4 45.1 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' West County Meander Graton, Boho, Middle, Hwy 1, Gericke, Bloomfield, Burnside.
3-4 46 (E) Crane Park St Helena (Grayson Ave) Gear Down for Summer Over Ink Grade Lk Hennessy, Pope Valley, Ink Grade.
3 47 (E) Howarth Park Howarth - Cavedale - Glen Ellen Howarth Park, Santa Rosa
3 47 (W) Downtown Graton 104' 2 County 2 Bakery Hill Loop Occidental, Valley Ford, Tomales, Roblar.
3-4 48 (N) Keiser Park 113' Big Bottom Brunch Eastside, Covey, Green Valley, Mays Canyon, Boho, Graton, Vine Hill, Mark West.
3 49 (S) Walnut Park, Petaluma CA Wheelin through Samuel P. Taylor State Park Red Hill, Pt Reyes Sta, Olema, SPTaylor Park, Wilson Hill.
3 50 (N) Geyserville Park & Ride Geysers "AB" Out & Back Geyserville, Cliverdale, Geysers Resort Rd, return.
3 50 (N) Healdsburg City Hall A B-My-Valentine Ride Healdsburg, Calistoga; Bridgette DeShields
3 50 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Rockpile Out-n-Back Healdsburg to Chiquita, Dry Creek , Rockpile, return via Dry Creek.
3-4 50 (E) Howarth Park 229' Sonoma Valley 4 Climbs Sonoma Mountain, Orchard Rd/Fern Lake Climb, Adobe Canyon Pythian Rd.
3 50 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Dont Freak, It's Willow Creek Occidental Rd, Joy, Bodega Hwy, Bay Hill, Hwy 1, Willow Creek (option to skip), Graton Rd.
3 51 (N) Airport Cinema Lot, Aviation Blvd, SR Fall 50 Eastside, Geysers, Chalk Hill.
3-4 54 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Healdsburg, Cloverdale, Pine Mountain Up to Pine Mountain via Geyserville, home via Dutcher.
3 54 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Dairy Delight Bloomfiels Spring Hill, Petaluma Chileno Valley, Bloomfield.
3 56 (S) Walnut Park, Petaluma start Oysters & Twists Walnut Park.
3 59 (S) Cotati Dog Park - Cotati Cotati to Tomales Stroll Roblar, Barnett Valley, Franklin school, Chileno Valley.
3 60.1 (N) Schaefer School 137' Russian River, Alexander Valley & Chalk Hill Wohler, Westside, Yoakim Br, Hwy 128, Chalk Hill.
3-4 61 (R) Veteran's Memorial Park, Yountville (California Dr and Washington St) Rollin from Yountville to Mt Veeder Silverado Trail, Dry Creek Rd, Mount Veeder, Cuttings Wharf, Silverdo Tr.
3 64 (N) Finley Park, College 117' March Magic Metric Century Todd, Roblar Tomales, Ocidental, Graton.
3 64 (N) Finley Park, College 117' Loop and Lasso Metric Llano, Burnside, Valley Ford, Tomales, Occidental, Graton.
3 65 (N) Youth Community Center Electric Metric Slusser, Westside, W Dry Crk, Hwy 128, Chalk Hill.
3 66 (E) Calistoga Elementary School (Berry St) Pope Valley Wildflowers Hwy 128, Sage Canyon, Pope Vly, Ink Grade, Silverado Tr, Bill Oetinger
3-4 67 (N) Esposti Park 140' (Mostly) Flat Coastal Loop Wohler, River Rd, Hwy 1, Bay Hill, Boho, Graton Rd.
3 68 (E) Depot Park, Sonoma Sonoma to Mt. Veeder Duhig, Coombs, Orchard, Dry Creek, Mt Veeder, Napa Rd.
3 69 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Rons birthday ride Chalk Hill, Occidental, Guerneville.
3 71 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Geysers out and back "B" pace West Dry Creek, Dutcher, Geysers, Asti, Old Red.
3-4 78.5 (S) Walnut Park, Petaluma Whale Watching in West Marin Red Hill, Pt Reyes Station, Pt Reyes lighthouse, return.
4 20 (W) 16715 Coleman Valley Rd, Occidental, CA, 95465 Coleman Valley for First Timers Coleman Valley Out and Back.
4 29 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Up Chalk Hill Lytton Spr, Chalk Hill, Hembree, Arata.
4 31 (W) Barlow, Sebastopol Sebastopol-Occidental via Joy Road Barnett Valley, Bodega, Joy, Coleman, Occidental.
4 32 (N) Duncans Mills Fort Ross Loop Duncans Mills, Cazadero, Fort Ross Rd, Meyers Grade, Hwy 1; Lorenzo Freschet
4. 32 (S) Apple Box 224 B St. Petaluma Petaluma 2 Hill Climb Pet Blvd N, Old Adobe, Lichau.
4 36 (E) Howarth Park, Santa Rosa CANCELLED: Ladies Ride Sonoma Mountain (Gentlemen too) Lawndale, Sonoma Mountain, Presley, Petaluma Hill Rd.
4 36 (W) Downtown Tomales Tomales Loop via Wilson Hill and the Wall Tomales, Hwy 1, Marshall Wall.
4 40 (N) Howarth Park Los Alamos & Sugarloaf Howarth Park (tennis courts); Lorenzo Freschet
4 41 (N) Healdsburg Sweetwater Loop Westside, Sweetwater, Mays Canyon, Martinelli, Eastside.
4 42 (N) Geyserville Mud Geysers Clockwise from Geyserville Geyserville, Geysers; Dennis Prior
4 42 (N) Ragle Mountain Goats Head to the Coast Harrison Grade, Coleman Valley, Bay Hill; Dennis Prior
4 42 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Short and Sweet Westside, Sweetwater, Armstrong Woods, Bull Frog Pond; Sherry Adams
4 42 (E) Howarth Fun over Fountain Grove Fountaingrove, Windsor, Riebli.
4 43 (N) Geyserville Park 'n Ride Geysers Loop Counterclockwise South on Hwy 128, Geysers Rd, Asti.
4 44 (N) Ragle CANCELLED: David Mairs Coleman Valley, Willow Creek ride Coleman Valley, Willow Creek; Dennis Prior
4 45 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Coleman Sandwich Harrison Grade, Coleman Valley, Joy, Bodega Hwy, Bay Hill, Coleman Valley, Graton Rd.
4 46 (N) Windsor Town Green Sweetwater Over and Back Eastside, Westside, Sweetwater; Dennis Prior
4 46 (N) Windsor Town Green CANCELLED: Sweetwater Over and Back Eastside, Westside, Sweetwater; Dennis Prior
4 46.4 (N) Windsor Town Green 123' Windsor Town Green to Sweet Water Windsor to Guerneville via Sweetwater and return.
4-5 48 (E) Howarth Park 229' Cavedale Lawndale, Cavedale, Trinity, Kenwood.
4 49 (E) Howarth Park, Trinity, Orchard, and Jack London Howarth, Trinity, Orchard, and Jack London.
4 50 (N) Alexander Valley School Mothers Day Ride Top of Ida Clayton, return to Geysers South Peak.
4 50 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Healdsburg to Rockpile with the Mountain Goats Dry Creek, Rockpile, Westside Rd; Dennis Prior
4 50 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Healdsburg City Hall to Rockpile with the Mountain Goats Healdsburg, Dry Creek, Rockpile, Westside Rd; Dennis Prior
4 50 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Rockpile Out and Back Healdsburg, Dry Creek, Rockpile, Westside Rd; Dennis Prior
4-5 50 (N) Gold Coast Coffee, Duncans Mills King Ridge Loop Duncans Mills, Kings Ridge, Meyers Grade, Hwy 1
4 50 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Rockpile Redux Out via West Dry Creek to Rockpile, return via Dry Creek.
4 50 (E) Dunbar School 373' Cavedale, Mt. Veeder, Dry Creek and Trinity Dunbar School, Arnold, Cavedale, Mt Veeder, Browns Valley, Dry Creek, Trinity.
4 50 (W) Duncans Mills 15' Shortened Upper Fondo Loop - King Ridge 50 mi/5000 Cazadero, King Ridge, Hauser, Seaview, Meyer's Grade, Hwy 1.
4 50.3 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Coleman Calling! Medio Fondo Upper Loop Graton Rd, Boho, Hwy 1, Coleman Valley.
4 51 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Healdsburg City Hall up and back to Rockpile Rd. West Dry Creek to Rockpile, return on Dry Creek.
4 51 (N) healdsburg city hall Hot Springs/Cherry Creek in Cloverdale Dry Creek, Dutcher, Hot Springs Rd, Cherry Creek Rd, Asti.
4-5 52 (N) Windsor Town Green Windsor to the 2nd Summit of the Geysers Windsor, Chalk Hill, Geysers; Dennis Prior
4 52 (N) Esposti Park Esposti-Ida Clayton-Healdsburg Ida Clayton.
4 52 (N) Youth Community Park 117' Sweetwater/Mays Canyon/Harrison Grade Slusser, Sweetwater, May's Canyon, Green Valley, Harrison Grade, Graton Rd, Sanford, Piner.
4-5 53 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Geysers out and back Alex Vly Rd, Geysers (both summits), Iron Bridge, return.
4-5 53.5 (W) Occidental Ft Ross, Coleman, Chowder Austin Creek, Ft Ross Rd, Meyer's Grade, Hwy 1, Coleman Valley.
4-5 53.7 (W) Occidental Ft. Ross, Coleman, Chowder, & Pizza Boho, Cazadero Rd, Ft Ross Rd, Hwy 1, Coleman valley Rd.
4 55 (N) Geyserville Chamber of Commerce Geyserville to Hopland and Back Geyserville, Hwy 128, Mountain House; Dennis Prior
4 56 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Sticky buns Sweetwater, May's Canyon, Harrison Grade, Boho, Jonive, Vine Hill.
4 56 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Rockpile and back Dry Creek, Rockpile, return.
4-5 58 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Geysers Clockwise W. Dry Crk, Dutcher, Geysers, Red Winery, Healdsburg Ave.
4 58 (W) Willowside School Old Caz - Sweetwater Graton, Boho, Old Caz, Sweetwater, Wohler.
4 59 (N) Piner High School, Santa Rosa Medio Fondo Trainer Graton Rd, Boho, River, Hwy 1, Coleman Valley, Graton Rd.
4 60 (N) Esposti Park, Windsor Esposti Sweetwater Freestone Loop Esposti, Sweetwater, Boho.
4-5 60 (N) Schaefer School 137' Pine Flat, Up and Back Fulton, Faught, Chalk Hill, Pine Flat, Return.
4 60 (N) Esposti Park 140' One Hill Winter Trainer Spring Hill, Silverado Trail, Calistoga, Chalk Hill.
4-5 61 (E) Howarth Park Howarth - Cavedale - Spring Mtn Howarth Park, Santa Rosa
4 62 (N) Piner High School 112' Pine Flat Challenge Fulton, Chalk Hill, Pine Flat, return.
4-5 62 (E) Howarth Park 229' 3 Hills in the East, 6300ft Sonoma Mtn, Cavedale, Silverado Trail, Spring Mtn.
4 63 (E) Howarth Park, Santa Rosa 3 Hills in the East Sonoma Mtn Rd, Cavedale/Oakville, Spring Mtn.
4 66 (S) Walnut Park 31' Hills, Valleys, Bay and Beer Roblar, Freestone, Franklin School, Hwy 1, Marshall Wall, Laura Stansfield
4-5 67 (N) Schaefer School 137' Pine Flat Barnes, Chalk Hill, Hwy 128, Pine Flat to top and Return.
4 67 (N) Schaefer School 137' Pine Flat Barnes, Chalk Hill, Hwy 128, Pine Flat to top and Return.
4 68 (N) Walnut Park (Petaluma) Vision on the Mount Walnut Park, Petaluma; Hunt Moore
4-5 70 (W) Across the street from Raymond's Bakery in Cazadero Ft Ross-Annapolis Hill Romp King Ridge, Tin Barn, Annapolis, Hwy 1.
4-5 70.8 (W) Occidenta Upper Fondo Loop -- King Ridge and Coleman Boho, Austin Creek, King Ridge Hauser Br, Meyer's Grade, Hwy 1, Coleman Vly.
4 74 (N) Esposti Park 140' One Hill Winter Trainer Chalk Hill, Hwy 128, Canyon, Rockpile, Dry Creek, Old Red.
4 74.1 (S) McNear Park 41' Petaluma- Mt. Vision- Limatour Pt Reyes Station, Mt Vision, Limantour, Petaluma.
4 75 (N) Piner High School West County Hills Harrison Grade, Coleman Valley, Bay Hill, Joy, Sweetwater Springs.
4 75 (E) Rincon Valley Park, 5108 Badger, Santa Rosa Pope Valley Loop Silverado Tr, Pope Valley, Howell Mtn.
4-5 75.2 (N) Windsor Green 123' 4 hills. Coleman Valley, Bay Hill, Joy Rd. Sweetwater Springs. Forestville, Graton, Occidental, Coleman Vly, Bay Hill, Joy Rd, Guerneville, Sweetwater, Wohler.
4 76.7 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Rockpile to the End West Dry Creek, Rockpile, Dutcher, Asti, Red Winery.
4 77 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Healdsburg to Coleman Valley & back East Side , Vine Hill, Harrison Grade, Coleman Valley, Bay Hill, BoHo, Westside.
4-5 81 (E) Mountain Hawk @ Hwy 12 **Cancelled** Fall in the Vineyards Glen Ellen, Trinity, Pope Valley, Ink Grade, Spring Mtn.
4-5 86.6 (N) 1900 Lytton Springs Road, Healdsburg, CA Pine Flat-Geysers trainer for 200K brevet Pine Flat (Guardrail), Geysers to Cloverdale and return.
4 93 (E) Oliver's Market on Montecito, Santa Rosa No Fondue Near Century St. Helena, Pope Valley, Calistoga and returns via Chalk Hill.
4-5 97.3 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97 Healdsburg Skaggs Loop Healdsburg, Scaggs Spring, Tin Barn, King Ridge, Caz Hwy, River rd., Westside Rd.
4 98 (W) Ragle Ranch Park 193' Ragle Ross Coastal Cruise Graton, Austin Creek, Ft Ross Rd, Hwy 1, Fallon 2 Rock, Pepper, Roblar.
4 102 (E) Spring Lake at Violetti. Vuelta de La Luna a la Costa Sonoma Mtn, Lichau, Roblar, Franklin School, Bay Hill, Coleman Vly, Ocidental Rd.
4-5 106 (E) Howarth Park Saving Daylight Century SR, St Helena, Lk Berryessa, Trinity.
4 121 (N) Foss Creek El. School Clear Lake Double Metric 10,000 Ida Clayton, Siegler Cyn, Kelseyville, Hopland Grade, Mtn House, Dutcher.
4-5 121 (S) Walnut Park,Petaluma 31' Pt. Reyes Lighthouse and Beyond Marshall, Pt Reyes Lighthouse, Bolinas, Fairfax, Petaluma Hunt Moore
5 39 (E) Howarth Park Sugarloaf & Los Alamos Howarth Park (tennis courts); Lorenzo Freschet
5 40 (N) Warm Springs Dam Skaggs Springs Out and Back Warm Springs Dam, Skaggs; Dennis Prior
5 41 (N) St. Colman's, Cazadero Cazadero, King Ridge, Ft Ross Loop Kings Ridge, Hauser, Seaview; Dennis Prior
5 42 (N) 1900 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg Two Hills Pine Flat to the guard rail and Geysers to the ranch.
5 43 (N) Geyserville Chamber of Commerce on Geyserville Ave Geysers from Geyserville for "B" riders Clockwise loop from Geyserville to Cloverdale, over the Geysers and back to Geyserville.
5 45 (N) Howarth Park One Hill Winter Trainer Howarth Park (tennis courts); Sarah Schroer
5 50 (N) Duncans Mills Kings Ridge Loop from Duncans Mills Cazadero, Meyers Grade, Hwy 1; Dennis Prior
5 54 (N) Downtown Fairfax Mount Tam Downtown Fairfax; Buck Hall
5 54 (N) Downtown Fairfax CANCELLED: Mount Tam Downtown Fairfax; Buck Hall
5 55.5 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' The Geysers Clockwise Healdsburg, Cloverdale, Geysers, Jimtown.
5 56 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Rockpile Rd out and back.... Chiquita, Dry Creek, Rockpile, Dry Creek.
5 58 (N) Spoke Folk The Geysers for New Years Eve Spoke Folk (Healdsburg), Cloverdale, Geysers Clockwise; Doug McKenzie
5 60 (N) Healdsburg City Hall 97' Geysers Counter Clockwise Red Winery, Geysers, Dutcher, W Dry Creek.
5 62 (N) Piner High School, Santa Rosa Pine Flat Challenge Faught, Chalk Hill, Pine Flat, return.
5 62 (N) Piner High, North parking lot Pine Flat Challenge Fulton, Chalk Hill, Pine Flat, Return.
5 64 (N) Healdsburg City Hall The Dirty Dog Headdburg; Richard Anderson
5 65 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Bullfrog Pond and Mill Creek Out-and-back Mill Creek, Sweetwater, Bullfrog, Sweetwater.
5 66 (N) Howarth Park Two Hill Winter Trainer Calistoga Rd, Silverado, Trinity; Sarah Schroer
5 71 (W) Monte Rio 45' King Ridge-Coleman Valley King Ridge, Hauser Br. Meyer's Grade, Hwy 1, Coleman Valley.
5 73 (N) 1900 Lytton Springs Road, Healdsburg Three hills Geysers, Cloverdale, Geysers, Healdsburg.
5 77 (N) San Miguel School - 9:00am Start Geysers-Pine Flat-Ida Claw Chak Hill, Geysers, Pine Flat, Ida Clayton.
5 80 (N) SkyHawk Village Trinity-Pope Vly-Spring Mtn Skyhawk Village Shopping Center (Sonoma Hwy an Mountain Hawk Dr, Santa Rosa)
5 80 (E) Mountain Hawk Dr @ Hwy 12 Pope Valley wildflowers Trinity Grade, Sage Canyon, Ink Grade and Spring Mountain.
5 80 (E) 5575 Mountain Hawk Way Trinity/Pope/Ink/Spring Mtn Trinity, Pope Valley, Ink Grade, Spring Mtn.
5 94 (N) Alexander Valley School Fearsome Foursome Geysers, Pine Mountain, Geysers, Pine Flat.
5 95 (S) McNear Park, Petaluma (11th St.) Mt Tam Trainer McNear Park, Petaluma (11th Street)
5 105 (N) Warm Springs Visitor Center Easter Century Skaggs, Hwy 1, River Rd, Westside Rd.
5 106 (N) Lake Sonoma Visitor Center Skaggs^2 Skaggs, Seaview, Hwy 1, Annapolis, Skaggs.
5 107 (E) Howarth Park, Santa Rosa Three Hill Winter Trainer Spring Mtn, Pope Vly, Trinity.
5 120 (N) Healdsburg City Hall Three County Mixed Terrain Geysers, Hopland, Clear Lake, Hopland, Mountain House.
5 129 (N) Alexander Valley School Fearsome Five 15,000 Geysers, Pine Mtn, Geysers, Ida Clayton, Pine Flat. Marc Moons.

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