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This page lists links to sites that may be useful or interesting.  They are listed as a service to our members and their presence here should not be taken as an approval or endorsement by the Club or its Board of Directors. If you feel that any of these sites are not appropriate or if you would like to recommend other sites for inclusion please contact the webmaster.

Bike Rentals

 Store  Address Phone (707) Web Site
 Bike Partners
 512 Wilson Ave, Santa Rosa
 707.595.0386 bikepartners.net
 NorCal Bike Sport
 425 College Ave, Santa Rosa,  707-573-0112 norcalcycling.com
 Trek Bike Store 512 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa 707-546-8735 trekstoresantarosa.com
 Uber Bike 6731 Sebastopol Avenue, Suite 120, Sebastopol 707-829-2688 uber-bike.com

Bike Tours  

domestic and international, spanning six continents
 Tour Company
 Area Served
 Biciklo    Listing of thousands of bike tours from numerous operators world wide. 
 America by Bike
 All USA
 GPS  Varese Northern Italy
 Great Freedom Adventures
 Upscale biking trips in northeast US
 Easy Bike tours
 Benelux countries, Northern Europe
 Marche Cycling
 Altaquota  Italy
 Directory of world wide bike tours
 Cycle Oregon
 Oregon, Mid-September
 Bike New England  Rides in Northeastern US and Canada
 Pedaling.com  Directory of US Tours, Events, Gear and routes
 People Cycling Domestic and international, spanning six continents
 Studio Velo Cycling
 Spain, Italy, Eastern Sierras, and California Coast.
 Warm Showers
 Free overnight accommodation for cyclists by cyclists

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