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NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2020 BOARD OF DIRECTORS  click here for list of 2020 Board Nominees

Would you like to become more involved in your club? Are you interested in seeing how the club functions behind the scenes? If so, please consider running for the Board of Directors. You can submit your name or nominate a fellow club member by contacting Bridgette DeShields, current President of the Board of Directors.

Nominations must be received by the December 11th general meeting. Elections will be held one month later at the January 8th general meeting.  If a member is unable to vote at the meeting he/she may submit approval of the roster to Steve Saxe at secretary@srcc.com no later than January 7.

Per SRCC bylaws, nine members will be elected to the Board of Directors; after the election, those nine people will decide who will fill each role on the Board. 

The candidates for the Board of Directors shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee, or by the motion of one (1) member and the support of two (2) other members, either in writing to the chair of the Nominating Committee prior to the December membership meeting, or from the floor of the December membership meeting. Nominations will close at those times and cannot be reopened, except upon an affirmative vote of the majority of the Board.

Brief job descriptions for board members are listed below:

President: Acts as the chairperson of the Board of Directors. Prepares the agenda and facilitates the monthly board meeting and general meeting. Supports committee formation and activities. Delegates tasks, recruits future board members. Generally contributes to setting the direction of the board according to SRCC’s goals. 

Vice President: Acts in the President’s absence. Makes sure that the President’s functions are executed properly.

Treasurer: Has control of and is responsible for the funds and financial records of the club. Ensures that accounting and financing practices are in place. Keeps track of income and expenses. Prepares and delivers an annual accounting report at the December general membership meeting. Prepares the budget for the following year with the assistance of the Board. 

Secretary: Records and files the minutes of all meetings. Collects committee reports and sends these as attachments to a single email to Board members prior to Board meetings. Prepares and conducts elections of officers.

Board Member at Large (5): Assume full voting rights at Board meetings. Chair various task forces as delegated by the President. 

All Board Members: Attend monthly board and general meetings. Prepare in advance for these meetings, including reviewing the minutes of the previous meeting, reading any other documents indicated by the President or Secretary, preparing committee reports, and communicating with the President regarding development of the agenda prior to meetings. Participate in Board email discussions as they occur.

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