July 8-16, 2017

Led by Gordon Stewart & Chris Jones

Registration opened at 8:00 PM on Monday, January 30. 
Tour is sold out. 

The format of this tour is somewhat different from the traditional club tours. It is limited to 32 participants and the cost is $350. The initial payment of $50 is due upon registration and the $300 final payment is due by check by April 1.

Cancellation policy

Cancel prior to April 1, refund deposit

Cancel prior to May 1, refund $200

Cancel Prior to June 1, refund $100

The plan is to drive to the first campground Plumas Eureka State Park  and stay there for several days while we do local loop rides. Then on Wednesday we'll pack up and move 40 miles to Taylorsville Campground and spend the remainder of the tour doing loop rides from there.

We'll have several rides of differing distances mapped out from each campground so we should be able to accommodate individual tastes. All of the rides (except for the moving day) will start and end at the same place so in many respects they are similar to a regular club ride.  Since all of the rides are loops and really not much different from a regular club ride, we're not sure how important it is to have SAG vehicles.  The tour leaders have discussed the various pros and cons of this and thought it best to include the tour participants in the decision making process.  So, once we have the bulk of the participants signed up we'll get the group together and decide on these final details.   We do expect to have the usual rental truck to carry food and cooking equipment and overflow bags/bikes but we may not have a baggage truck.

As usual, this is a cooperative tour and everyone will be assigned to a cook crew for a day. Much of the enjoyment of these tours is to ride with new and old friends and then spend a (sometimes) quiet evening in camp at the end of the day. In an effort to keep the group as cohesive as possible, we'll actively discourage the temptation to slip into town to the local pizza joint in lieu of dinner in camp.


Saturday July 8, 10 AM. Depart Santa Rosa for Plumas Eureka State Park near Graeagle in Plumas County. The campground is about 60 miles north-west of Reno and 5 hours from Santa Rosa. We have 5 camp sites reserved and will be staying there for four nights. We will have rides of various distances mapped out from the from the camp site. You should be aware that it's a 3 mile and 800' ride up to the campground so you may want to take a car down to the valley floor in the morning to make it easier to get back in the evening!

Sunday - Tuesday, July 9 - 11. Local rides in the area of Graeagle.

Wednesday July 12. Shift camp, ride/drive to Taylorsville Campground (30 miles). This is a full facility public campground run by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday - Saturday, July 13 - 15. Local rides in the area of Taylorsville.

Sunday July 16. Possible short ride, head for Santa Rosa.

The routes recommended for rides from the campsites are still under development but you can see some of the details here.  Click on the "Show All on Map" button (lower left) to see all of the possible routes.

Contact Gordon or Chris for further information

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