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Wine Country Century 2018
Ride Wrap Up

The 2018 Wine Country Century was a great success thanks to the efforts of a dedicated organizing committee, the 483+ wonderful volunteers, the 1,954 enthusiastic riders and the employees of the Luther Burbank Center who made it all happen! Collectively WCC cyclists rode over 148,000 miles along the back roads of beautiful Sonoma Country. All in all a good day for a WCC.  We had a grand time, we hope you did too.

Thanks to your participation in the event as a cyclist, a volunteer, and/or a consumer of the beer at the finish; over $16,000+ was raised to support bicycle advocacy, at the local (county), state, and national levels. Thank you for contributing!
Speaking of beer, we apologize for the lengthy beer line and service. Thank you for your patience.
It will be at the top of our list of things to improve for next year.
We would like to express a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for everyone who made this event - and the recovery of our warehouse - a reality after the devastating fire of October 2017. Please take a look at the Warehouse Recovery Page and see all those who assisted with our efforts. 
The 2019 Wine Country Century will be held on on Saturday, May 4.
Registration will open January 15, 2019

2018 Jerseys & Vests & T-shirts

Available for purchase at the SRCC Clothing Store 
If you don't find a jersey, vest or tshirt in the size you'd like, please email us at store@srcc.com in the event we place another order.

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Event photographs are available from PhotoCrazy
Locate your picture by the time that you passed the cameras on Faught Road or enter the number on your helmet.

Click here to read more reviews left at PhotoCrazy 

  • What a great event. It's been over 20 years since my wife and I last did this ride and now I can't wait until next year. It was a fantastic day. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave so much time to create a fun and enjoyable experience. Phil Cloeter  
  • What a great event! Great volunteers, tons of SAG wagons, friendly attitudes everywhere, and much better food. What a great day!!! See you next year! Steve Westcott
  • Just to tell you the ride was awesome and your SRCC does such a great job to make everything perfect on these rides. SRCC almost makes me consider moving to Santa Rosa after retirement!
  • Great fun on Saturday! You do an awesome job! Loved the names on the bibs and having people say "Good Morning Jan." I think it would be nice to also add the rider's city to encourage more chit chat among riders, someone might even meet some new hometown riding buddies while on the WCC. Jan
  • The volunteers rock every year. Good job everyone.
  • Thanks to all the support folks for a great ride!
  • The best event ever!!!
  • Thanks so much!! It was a ton of fun!
  • Great ride! Thank you!
  • So well sagged. Saw sags all over the place and at every turn, felt so well cared for. You guys rock!!!
  • Love the Hula girls at the Wohler Bridge stop.
  • It was a beautiful SoCo day and a PERFECTLY organized ride by the happiest volunteers I have ever had the pleasure to experience. THANK YOU!
  • But seriously, you kept the feel & spirit of "WCC past" alive. The end of ride/feast was as good as ever. The new choices were spot on. It was an all-around great job, especially considering what you went through.
  • Look forward to the quesadillas at the Monte Rio stop every year! Keep it up. Consider some cola at the lunch stop. Perfect pick-me-up drink for the 100 milers.
  • What a great ride! More volunteers than I could count, and everybody had a great, happy attitude. SAG wagons everywhere I looked, and the food was SO much better than those tired Diestel turkey filets. The chicken and shrimp paella was GREAT! See you next year! Steve Westcott
  • This is the nicest and best organized bike ride I attend. From all the volunteers to the nice crowd this ride attracts, super impressed. Thank you All for the countless hours you put into organizing this ride.
  • The paella rocked!
  • We should put together a friendly poll “competition” between the rest stops. Have riders vote for their favorites. (Next year)
  • Well done! Loved the hot coffee, deli fresh made to order sandwiches and shots of Coke a Cola.
  • It was all great. I'd like to see dill pickles at the rest stops.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the WCC and the ALWAYS smiling volunteers were amazing! Thank you volunteers, organizers, HiWay Patrol, and my fellow cyclists for such a great time. It was a beautiful event, great weather, and I especially appreciated seeing cyclists from out of the area enjoy our beautiful Sonoma cycling scenery. Amazing job everyone!
  • Loved it and I crushed Chalk Hill for the first time! It may have been the Diet Coke at the final rest stop.

What I liked the best? 

  1. Awesome SAG. They really checked in.
  2. Drop bags at every rest stop
  3. Quesadillas in Monte Rio! 
  4. Bohemian Hwy.
  5. Bananas with peanut butter and M&Ms.
  6. Paella and Lagunitas
  7. Nice participants Well marked course.
What was not my favorite
  1. Beer closing at 4. I almost didn't make it.
  2. Chalk Hill at the end. A killer.
  3. Out and back for lunch wasn't ideal.
  • Great ride!!!! By far the BEST organized ride I have ever taken part in.
  • The WCC was the first full century ride that I have done in over 20 years. (I almost didn't do it since I got in through a transfer). But the ride was so much fun and I was amazed as to how well supported it was. Back in my late teens and twenties, I had done about a half dozen century and double century rides and I do not recall any of those rides having the same level of support. (The Davis Double also had potatoes - but only at the last rest stop!) I would like to thank the club and all the many volunteers who made the ride such a memorable experience for me. I look forward to signing up next year. Terry Hong
  • Great ride! VERY well supported. Would have liked a bit shorter beer line and system to obtain, but no big deal. was nice that it was cool enough to sit outside the tent after the ride.Very glad you had such great community support to rebuild your warehouse. Will be back!
  • It had been two years since my friend and I rode this event and wow- we are so glad to be back. Truly the best organized, well supported and overall awesome cycling event. Thank you for all that you do to create this day.
  • Given the obstacles that had to be overcome, the organization & support of this ride was 4.0. The route was well marked, the volunteers wonderful as was the food. This was my third time doing the ride and God willing, next year will be my fourth. John Lorelli
  • What a great ride. I loved the route (I rode the 100.) It had no "junk miles" and was beautiful. Loved the drop bags. I didn't need the on route support, but it was nice to know it was there. Your lost and found saved me buying a new jacket. Loved the dinner and the beer. Love my tee shirt. I've got nothing negative to say. Oh, REALLY loved the night before check in. You folks should be proud. Curtis Corlew
  • It is a sad thing when the ride monitors are not following standard rules of safety and etiquette.They were riding side by side on a narrow road, did not call out when passing and when this was pointed out they became nasty.Overall something has to be done about ALL rider behavior, especially riding two or even three abreast on very narrow roads, and not pulling over when called out by passing riders, or even riders who do not call out when passing. But great organizational job overall and I really enjoyed the paella at the end.
  • My friends and I started the event, crossed over the bridge rode another 1/2 mile and because of a misplaced sign caused a very serious accident which ended up with my friend having a broken left thumb and right wrist. The sign showing which direction for each course was place right at a road dividing a wine field with two women waving flags, this caused bikes to slow down to figure, why would it lead us to the vineyard. This was our 1st time at the event and were unsure of the course, if the sign would have been 100 yards up the road before the turn the accident never would have happened. Instead we spent four hours in the emergency. Needless to say we missed the event.My friend's recovery will be four weeks both his right and left arms are in casts and worst of all his wife will not allow him to ride a bike again. I hope in the next event there will be an effort to make sure that signage is placed more conscientiously. Michael Podolsky
  • Hi There. The route was beautiful. Thank you. The signage was pretty poor in several locations and there were some turns that ended up being quite dangerous due partly to the poor signage. I definitely recommend increasing the number of people volunteering along the route to help guide people at some of the more dangerous turns, and also recommend many more sandwich boards out at the turns. In my view, almost every turn really should have had a sandwich board.The beer situation was a bummer. I ended up leaving and giving my ticket to someone else because I couldn't really wait around and also didn't want to drink a beer right before getting in my car to drive home. Also, most other races I participate in allow for more than one beer. Finally, for a wine country ride, it sure seems like wine would make more sense to have available after the ride, rather than beer! The ride was otherwise lovely, but I definitely think there is room for improvement next year. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. Sara Kay

  • First - thanks for yet another amazing and wonderful day! I am writing to say that it is disappointing to see so many folks not ride single file on the busier roads, which leads to car back ups. We need to respect the cars, just as they need to respect us. Not your fault, and not sure what you can do, but wanted to pass this along to you. Thanks again for allowing me to enjoy this wonderful experience - the WCC!
  • Thank you. Overall excellent event, I've come before and will plan to be there next year too!  would like to request that there be some adult beverage option other than Lagunitas beer after the ride. If you like OverTheTopHops... Lagunitas is the beer for you... for the rest of us it's very unsatisfying. I even tried the Pilsner this time and could barely taste the beer for the hops, didn't bother to finish it. I would recommend another beer vendor or what might be even better is a wine option. After all this is the 'wine' country century not the beer century. I'm wondering if you could find a wine supplier that would be willing to work this event in your area? Thanks again for a great event! Gene Sluss
  • What an absolutely fabulous ride. I did the Super Century (except skipped lunch stop since I didn't need to eat). The route is fabulous and liked the two changes I noticed - rest stop on Hwy 1 instead of Coleman - this was a great change as we don't need to rest stop before we go downhill. It really helped that it wasn't windy and miserable on coast or you might be hearing other comments...and going over Canyon instead of Dutcher made it seemless to skip lunch stop. The rest stops are terrific with enthusiastic, helpful, kind folks and the food is also good. I have done this century many times with different mileage and by far this was the best weather ever - couldn't ask for better. And the vineyards were great. Glad to see that SRCC is so resilient and look forward to many more WCC's. Thanks. Bonnie Goldsmith
  • More markers would be great, not just on the turns. I often felt like I missed a turn because I hadn’t seen a marking for a while. Thanks!
  • I’m a second time rider in this event and to be honest, I’m not sure I would recommend or do it again. Let me start with saying the volunteers are excellent and incredibly nice! I will also say the rest stops are very well done with great people! I do about 5-7 century rides a year and this one by far is the worst with clearly showing folks the way. I hit several three-way intersections that were clearly not marked at all with groups of people off their bikes with maps out. At one such intersection 14 riders all went three miles in the wrong direction until four other riders called it out from across the street. No idea why some major forks in the road were not marked. My other gripe is the first 1/3rd of the 100 mile ride has some of the worst roads you can find. Who came up with that, maybe a full suspension mountain bike rider? I’m not trying to be a jerk, several others had the same feedback, trust me. The way to go with your event is to do a shorter leg (not the century ride) so you get well marked, nice roads. Hope this helps, and again, I may do a shorter leg next year and stick with other events for century rides. Matthew Cappola
  • Great ride! Great volunteers and food, thank you so much as this really makes a difference. The signage has gotten better. There are still a few spots where arrows on the road would help. LOVED the help from the police to direct traffic. Thank you for a fantastic experience. Nicole Daignault
  • Have done your ride for several years - it is awesome, so well organized and supported, volunteers are very friendly and helpful and of course the terrain is so beautiful this time of year! One stretch of the ride, I believe it was River Road was quite nerve wracking, a slight uphill with what felt like no options for passing slower riders due to traffic that was driving very fast, or options for pulling off to the right to allow other faster bikers to pass you. Don't know what the solution would be, but wanted to put that out to you. Thank you for all the hard work you team does to make this ride happen, if the good Lord and my legs are willing, I will be back next year! Janet Crandall
  • As always SRCC put on an outstanding event. I have participated in all but a few of the Wine Country Century rides over the past 35/40 years. I feel this was the best of them all. The selection of after ride dinner was excellent. The paella was outstanding and quality beer with the meal was a treat. William Chadwell
  • Thanks so much for another great ride. This is my second year and I plan to keep it on my annual ride ‘to do’ list. The scenery and roads are great and matched by the great ride support, incredibly well-stocked rest stops (coke & bananas with peanut butter and an M&M !!! Are you kidding me! Made the last 15 miles a breeze), and the amazing volunteers - - so friendly and helpful. I can’t possibly imagine the time, effort and commitment it takes to pull off this ride. I am grateful to all of you. Please convey my thanks to all of the many, many people it took to pull this off. Looking forward to next year. BTW – the CHP presence throughout was great. Jeff Brenner
  • This is an awesome event. The first rest stop was the best. I see some centuries are starting to lose riders. Please keep this event going. Just a classic cycling event. Mike Wheeler
  • Thanks for providing such wonderful weather! It was an amazing ride overall. Especially wanted to comment on how nice it was to have the paella at the finish and for Lagunitas to bring their amazing pilsner. I love their IPA but I prefer a lighter and lower alcohol beer after a long ride. The pilsner was perfect. All the volunteers were incredible! Thanks again. David Whalen
  • The designated women's porta potties were great at Wohler Bridge! Quesadillas at Monte Rio and coffee at Arched Rock also welcome! Would be good to have a designated porta potty in Occidental as it's a long time getting over Coleman Valley, luckily there was one available since there was road construction still going on it town. Robin
  • My group got to the Lagunitas table at 4:57 and it was already being taken down. The man was very rude in telling us we were too late. When we said it’s not five yet he said “you’re too late what took you so long.” The woman next to him offered some bottled beer and then the man yelled at her telling her we were too late. It was the worst ride completion experience I’ve ever had. That man is in the wrong line of business or volunteer position. Lu
  • Hello - Under extreme circumstances, it was very clear that your organization worked many hours to ensure the ride took off as usual. Love the new jersey, whoever did the design out did themselves. This was our 14th year straight of participation and we will continue to come back every year. Thank you for your determination so we can enjoy what has become our favorite ride. Tina White Eagle
  • Thank you for the great memories. We flew down from Canada to experience wine country riding and had a very memorable experience. The event was well organized, the volunteer staff were super friendly, the refreshment stations had outstanding food. The day flowed by with no hiccups and the beer and paella at the end put it over the top. I highly recommend this event to anyone looking for a great experience. Warren Verkerk
  • I applaud having a couple of women-only porta potties, (at Wohler Bridge food stop) What a difference! Please save some cold beverages (coke) and ice cream at the last food stop for the 100-120 milers. BJ Jones
  • Overall this was again a wonderful ride and day. We have participated in the ride for many years, and plan to do so in the future. I certainly understood the need for a change in the food at the end of the ride because of the space limitations this year, but was not impressed by the options. I have had paella at large events in the past that were quite good, but this one was not (everyone in my group tasted it and agreed). I also tried my husband's burrito, which was pretty good, but would have preferred a half burrito and some salad. There really were no green choices this year. I hope you will consider more green options in the future. Pam Sorensen
  • I rode the super century. Great ride and support. One small request - could you have some caffeine at the lunch stop. Either coffee or coke. I really could have used it at that point in the ride. Thankfully you had coke at the Alexander Valley School rest stop and coffee at Monte Rio which was much appreciated. If you ever want to take things up another notch you could have iced coffee at the lunch stop. By the way, I never drink coke except on long bike rides. Dennis Byrne
  •  I had forgotten my water bottle (in the car) with my electrolyte drink, but I had a water pack. I wanted to get a drink of the electrolyte drink you had to offer at the rest stop, but you didn't have any cups so I wasn't able to get one. My wife and I enjoyed the ride. Thanks for putting on the event. Scott Wilson
  • Would be great to have coffee after the first stop to keep me going :)
  • This was the first time I rode WCC. I was simply taken away by the beauty of the scenery. I feel very fortunate to live only two hours away from such an idyllic paradise. In addition, there was an army of volunteers who couldn’t wait to help! And, last and best. The food and the drinks! Paella, watermelon, coffee, assortment of cookies, ice cream, beer! I mean how could things be any better? I am hoping to bring my kids along to the next year’s WCC!
  • One of the BEST events for biking! The experience is so extraordinarily wonderful that I invite all my out of town friends to join me every year to ride the WCC! The SRCC is an excellent club and really know how to run events. Right up there with the Levi’s Gran Fondo. THANKS FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!


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