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2018 WCC JERSEY $69

WCC 2018 Jersey:

2018 WCC VEST $69

WCC 2018 Vest:

2018 WCC T_SHIRT $18

WCC 2018 T-Shirt:

2017 WCC JERSEY & VEST $69

WCC 2017 Jersey and Vest:

Note: There is a Women's XL Vest also available in this style.

2016 WCC JERSEY & VEST $69

WCC 2016 Jersey & Vest:

Note - There is also some men's Large Vests available in this style.

2015 WCC JERSEY $69

WCC 2015 Jersey:

Red Bar Jersey $60

Club Cut, Full Length Zipper
No Discount on this jersey
Red Bar Jersey:

Red Bar Jersey:

Bad Little Brother Jersey

Click to Enlarge

Only available in conjunction
with the Bad Little Brother ride in May each year

2017 WCC T-SHirt $15

WCC 2017 T-Shirt: 

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Terrible Two Jerseys and Vests

Note: Terrible Two items are available only to those who have successfully completed the event

All items are Club Cut

Father Time Jersey $65

Father Time Jersey:

Father Time Vest

Father Time Vest:

Skull & Roses Jersey $65

Click to Enlarge

Skull & Roses Jersey:

Skull & Roses Vest $65

Click to Enlarge
Skull & Roses Vest:

Sufferin' Cyclist Jersey $65

Sufferin' Cyclist Jersey:

Sufferin' Cyclist Vest $65

Sufferin' Cyclist Vest:

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These customized ID tags are available for the discounted price of $24.90 ($29.90 less the $5.00 SRCC Coupon)
Go to www.crashtag.me/srcc to configure up your tag. When you get to the checkout screen, paste the coupon code  
"srcc-five" into the box labeled “coupon code” for $5 off your Crashtag!

This works for both Crashtag as well as Crashtag Mini (without the opener).

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