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Rookie of the Year (F): Teresa Shiflett

Rookie of the Year (M):  Don Billing

Most Improved (F):  Robin Rothrock

Most Improved (M): Walt Flom

QOM: Susan Noble

KOM: David Levinger

M/F Riders of the year: (Combo) Richard Anderson, Steve and Jesse Kroeck

Good Shepherd:  Alex Maslanka

Ride Leader of the Year (F):  Sue Bennett

Ride Leader of the Year (M): Mark von Tagen

Golden Shoe:  Deb Hartnett

Leader of the Pack (M): Doug McKenzie

Leader of the Pack  (F): Sherry Adams

Lewis and Clark: Frank Pedrick and Trudy Nye

Gear Head:  Clay Stark

Matt Wilson Spirit Award:  Miguel Sanchez

Wendy Page Volunteer of the Year:  Karen Gould

A brief description of each award follows:

Rookie of the Year :  Awarded to a first year club member who has demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm for both cycling and involvement in the club over the past year.  Male and female nominees.

Most Improved Rider: Awarded to a club member who has shown great personal improvement in cycling ability over the past year.  Male and female nominees.

King and Queen of the Mountain:  Awarded to a club member who has proven to be a strong climber.  Male and female nominees.

Rider of the Year:  Awarded to a club member who has had an impressive season of long, tough or fast rides.  Male and female nominees.

Gear Head Award:  Awarded to a club member who has demonstrated cycling intensity and prowess above and beyond that which an average cyclist will tolerate.  It recognizes some extraordinary accomplishment.  Many of the winners have not been the fastest or strongest, but they have dared to try something others would shy away from.  Male and female nominees.

Lewis and Clark Award:  This award honors a club member who has completed an ambitious self-supported cycle-tour during the year.  Single nominee.

Good Shepherd Award:  Awarded to a ride leader who goes the extra mile to support ride participants.  This could involve making sure that no rider is left behind, or providing special assistance and encouragement or promoting fellowship and teamwork on club rides.  Single nominee.

Matt Wilson Spirit Award:  Awarded to a club member who has become an inspiration to others this year.  Single nominee.

Wendy Page Memorial Volunteer of the Year:  Awarded to a club member who has been an exceptionally valuable volunteer this year.  Single nominee.

Golden Shoe Award:  Awarded to the most supportive spouse or partner of a club member, someone who has gone out of their way to help their partner through a tough challenge.  Single nominee.

Leader of the Pack:  Awarded to a club member who has been active in the field of cycling advocacy.  Male and Female Nominees.

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