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Comments and Reviews from our Riders

Wine Country Century #50

May 4, 2024 

Dear SRCC,

I just want to thank you all for an amazing job hosting this wonderful event year after year. My husband, Tom Mitchell, and I started doing this ride in 2014 and have since pulled in family and friends over the years (though I had to take a few years off for health challenges…but I was thrilled to be riding again this year).

Though the weather was truly epically terrible, you all made it as delightful as was humanly possible!! From the super friendly and helpful ambassadors on the ride, to the cheerful and spirited rest stop supporters, to the amazing food organizers and hospitable servers who kept trying to encourage us to eat more and more cookies and ice cream (we did what we could!!) every single person we encountered was absolutely fabulous!! Thank you so much to one and all!!! 

I hope to ride next year in the sun…and maybe the chocolate covered strawberries will return 😉 (this is the only thing we missed the past few years…you can’t get an absolutely flawless review! Though truly, I would give you an A++ even without the chocolate strawberries!). 

Thank you to everyone for all the incredible hard work in organizing this consistently terrific event and for running it with warmth and charm under tough conditions. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! 


Debbie M.

Your email was super helpful - thanks to you and everyone who’s contributing to make the event a success. It’s the single best 🚴‍♀️ event I’ve ever participated in. 

Lesly H.

You guys are pretty amazing with your planning!!

Erinn M.


I wanted to extend a note of gratitude for all the volunteers, infrastructure, thoughtfulness, and care this weekend! This was my first century, and although the weather was terrible, I felt encouraged, fed, and taken care of at every rest stop. Thank you for looking out for everyone this weekend!

Best! Sarah F.

Thank you for organizing such a well-equipped, well-marked course. Had a great, soggy time. I noticed a couple photographers out on course. Any idea if they will be posting images of the ride? Are they associated with SRCC? Would like contact info if poss. Thank you :)

Dean W.


I cannot Thank the volunteers enough for all the hard work they did helping us.  I was the only one of my group of 8 riders to attempt the ride.  Unfortunately,  I had to stop after the first Century rest point due to mild hypothermia even thou I had full rain gear.  The water just found a way to sneak thru my rain jacket, pants and shoe covers.  I was fully soaked but thankfully I was able to have my friends pick me up.  A firefighter stated they took care of a lot of “cold people today.” Thankfully I was not one of them. 

I was able to dry off and enjoy a very warm outdoor late afternoon lunch. My friends will be riding in Santa Rosa tomorrow along the same route as your century. I really do believe the riders and volunteers would have enjoyed their day better with a late start as the rain substantially subsided about 1030am.  I hope safety first makes its way into your decision making process in the future. 

Regards, Lionel

SRCC, thanks for all your help this weekend. It was a awesome ride and a great success. The two 14-year-olds are on cloud nine accomplishing an amazing feet.

Regards, Scott Z.

I only rode to the 1st rest stop before bailing not because I was sopping wet but my hands were too cold to safely shift gears & brake. Still it was a “fun” experience but not as much as in 2023 when we dealt with drizzling rain—and hail at mile 48!

Can you share approximately braved the storm last Saturday?

Thank you to ALL for hosting a 1st class ride!

Olga J., Fresno

And from a rider's perspective ... Soooo accommodating to riders in the wet and cold. Cheery greeters at each rest stop. HOT coffee and HOT chocolate at all locations. Canopies to huddle under to temporarily defray from the wetness. HOT quesadillas in Monte Rio. HOT grilled cheese sandwiches at the dam. Volunteers directing people to services. Convenient off-loading of peeled wet garments that met riders at the ride's end.

50 years of learning, and commitment, and hard work, have made WCC a well-oiled machine of smiles. Despite the rain, we riders had a fun time.

Best, Dave

Honestly for $150 on a miserable day when tons of people bailed it seems cheap to charge for photos.

I feel like riders were troopers and thanks to the awesome volunteers.  Y’all could have pushed back the start and made everyone’s day a lot easier. Also from the get go there was no coffee at the start.  It was a nitro machine? Why not just have plenty of hot coffee available all day?  it was clear that a lot people bailed.  I know of my group of five friends I was the only one to see it through. Kind of petty complaints but on a tough day those things mattered.

Take the feedback fwiw.    Tim M.

Thank you so much for putting on a first class event. Rain or shine. 😜

It had been 9 years since my last Wine Country Century and I was looking forward to the awesome snack spread and friendly faces at each rest stop. It was just as I remembered.

Thank you again for a wonderful event.  Andrew G. 🤙

The soup at the end of the ride was a very pleasant surprise. It definitely warmed up my chilly bones (and the rest of my body)!! Thanks for a wonderful event.

Scott W.

Congratulations to the Santa Rosa Bike Club for creating a good outcome when faced with terrible weather!…it was a very professional effort, and we will try again next year to do the 100K!

Grace (Santa Cruz County Cycling Club)

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