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SRCC offers many clinics on a recurring basis to provide instruction for club members in individual and group riding, bicycle maintenance, and First Aid. At times, we will also contract with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to provide instruction.

Follow the Education Calendar for upcoming scheduled clinics. Groups of like-minded, similarly skilled club members can request a Group Riding Clinic be given by following the "Sponsor a Clinic” process outlined here.

SRCC Riding Skills Clinics

Group Riding Clinic #1
This three-hour clinic will teach you how to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and generally feel more comfortable riding in close proximity to others - one hour of parking lot drills (please bring flat sole shoes), followed by one hour of classroom/walk-through, then one hour of on-bike instruction while riding in single-file groups.

It's the introductory class of a two-part group riding series offered by the SRCC and focuses on the basic concepts and skills of group riding. The second (#2) class offers more ride time to further practice the same concepts and skills. The two-part series will be taught once in the Spring for A & B riders, then again in the Fall for BC and above riders. Classes can also be scheduled on a request basis for groups of 5-10. This class satisfies one of the requirements to complete the SRCC Ride Leader Training Program

Group Riding Clinic #2
In this clinic we target the specific mind set and skills needed
to ride more cooperatively, safely and efficiently in a group. The 30 mile loop for the clinic consists of 4 legs with relatively flat to moderate terrain.  Before each leg the coach explains and models a set of group riding skills. Participants then ride in small groups while practicing, and receive real time feedback and suggestions.  At the end of each section of riding there is a short debrief to consolidate and extend what is learned, and to model the skills to practice next.

Riding cooperatively in a group is simple; it is not easy. The skills involved are perishable and take an ongoing effort to learn and apply. Even if you’ve already taken a group riding skills or paceline class, this clinic can prove useful.  Come
out and enjoy the thrill of truly riding together. This class satisfies one of the requirements to complete the SRCC Ride Leader Training Program.

Climbing and Descending Skills
In what is often referred to as “The Hills Clinic”, you will learn the fundamentals of breathing, hand placement, shifting, pedaling, and body positioning while climbing and descending. We will build upon each skill with frequent regroups for instruction and practice
. The clinic will last about three hours with coffee and chat at the end.

SRCC Bicycle Maintenance Clinics

Fix a Flat Clinic

Learn how to handle the most common road-side problem. We'll start with a demonstration and instruction of dealing with a flat tire, then participants will be doing hands-on practice. Please bring your bicycle and any toolkit, pump, spare tube, and CO2 cartridges that you normally carry. We'll also talk about what to carry in your toolkit and briefly overview basic preventative maintenance.

Home Care for the Bike

This class focuses on safety check and preventative maintenance enabling you to identify mechanical problems before they occur. We’ll go through the whole bike together, cleaning it off, and getting to know it better. Checking your bike over regularly is key to safety as you’ll catch problems before they become unsafe. It’ll also reduce the chances you’ll be stuck on the side of the road with a mechanical problem that can’t be repaired road side.

You are encouraged to bring your bike, and come prepared to get dirty. No previous mechanical experience required. I’ll share with you my bike check routine between rides. I’ll go over the things you should take a look at, indicators of problems, and the basic up-keep that all bike riders should be doing. I’ll share my check off list. I will not be going over how to do any of the repairs, rather what to look for so you’ll know repairs are needed.

Bike Repair
This series of four clinics will be offered by SRCC for the first time in the Spring of 2017.
Class 1   The first of a four class series. We will start with an introduction and then cover brake systems. Inspection, repair and adjustment of both rim and disc brakes will be covered.
Class 2  The second class in the series of four, covering shifters. Types of shifters, derailleurs, diagnosis, repair and adjustments will be discussed.
Class 3 
The third in the series of four classes, covering drive train. Chains, chain rings, cog sets and bottom brackets will be discussed, including Inspection and replacement of components
Class 4 The fourth class in the four class series covering hubs, wheels, spoke replacement and head sets.

First Aid Training for Cyclists
This course will cover standard First Aid topics but with special emphasis on situations that may be encountered on a bike ride.


SRCC will at times contract with SCBC to provide SCBC taught clinics for SRCC members. These clinics are taught by instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).  The focus includes both a “rules of the road” orientation and bicycle handling techniques. SRCC members are charged a nominal fee while the club subsidizes the remaining amount.

Smart Cycling I: Handling and Street Skills

Course Description: Club members of all levels can benefit from this class.  The class includes classroom instruction, parking lot drills and a group ride. It is taught by instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and is based on LAB's Smart Cycling curriculum.  

Course Content Classroom portion:
  • Principles of traffic law (including positioning within a lane)
  • Riding rural roads 
  • Crash statistics, avoiding crashes, 5 steps of crash prevention 
  • Group riding (including ride etiquette) 
  • Open Q&A
Drill portion: 
  • Bike readiness Quick Check
  • Emergency stopping techniques

Smart Cycling II: Skills Drills
Course Description: This class focuses only on parking lot drills and is suitable for cyclists at all experience and pace levels.  Participants will have opportunities to work on basic and intermediate handling skills and hazard avoidance skills. The drills will be demonstrated and then participants will spend most of the class practicing and receiving feedback.  

Course/Drill Content:
Basic handling skills include starting and stopping, looking over your shoulder, signaling and shifting. Also helmet fit and pre-ride bike safety check
Intermediate handling skills include signaling and looking over shoulder while maintaining a straight line; Maintaining a straight line while riding and “multi-tasking” (i.e. taking water bottle out of cage and drinking, checking pockets, etc.)

Hazard avoidance drills include Quick Stop (effective emergency stopping); Rock Dodge (last minute obstacle avoidance); Quick Turn (practice how to handle a situation where there is no time to brake, such as a car unexpectedly turning in front of you).

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