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CLUB RIDE information

Introduction to Club Rides - This section goes over how participants can be a positive part of Club rides and reap greater enjoyment for themselves and others.  

Handouts, courtesy of Richard Anderson 

Ride Rating System - Club rides vary in terms of terrain, pace, distance and regroups. "The Ride Rating System" is designed to help you choose rides that fit your ability and fitness level.

Paceline Riding - This is a special type of riding that requires an understanding of drafting, a specific set of cycling skills and a certain level of practice.

Rider Responsibilities -The rider responsibilities covered in Rules of the RoadCycling Etiquette and Safe Cycling Practices are based on the law, cycling etiquette, common sense and a deep concern for safety.  

Ride Leader Resources - Guidelines for leading a Club ride are found here, as well as information about Ride Leader Training and Mentoring, and a description of how to use the Club Ride Info Forum as well as important Forms for ride leaders.
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