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The Club suffered an uninsured loss of virtually all club-owned equipment as the result of the Tubbs Fire on October 9, 2017. (Click for photos). The leased warehouse was also destroyed. The destroyed equipment was essential to stage events that generate the majority of Club revenue and to support and maintain many events in Sonoma County's vital cycling community. As of December 8, 2017 the club has secured an insurance policy covering the loss of club assets due to fire, flood, theft and/or vandalism.

Club members were encouraged to donate and help raise funds to replace all the lost equipment and supplies, to continue to produce our signature bicycling events, and to get us on the firm financial footing that has characterized the club for decades.  In a heartbeat, member donations were quickly met with broad community support, from our friends and partners at Rotaries, cycling events we have supported, riders from past SRCC events, local businesses, bicycle clubs all around Northern California, and well-wishers throughout the county and even nation.  The support has been breathtaking in its scope.

For now, THANKS TO YOU, we've got the wind at our back, the road ahead clear and illuminated, and our pace line steady and committed. 

We are still gratefully accepting donations.

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                      Bicycle Club 

 Thank you Rotary Club of Santa Rosa!

Doug Johnson and Jeff Kolin of The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa & Giro Bello presented a donation check for $20,000 for the Warehouse Recovery Fund on November 29, 2017 at the Rotary's weekly luncheon. On hand to accept the check were Bob Owen, President; Dave Smith, Treasurer; and Doug Simon, Warehouse Chair.

The SRCC Holiday Dinner & Fundraiser, Friday, December 8
was a smashing success and raised approximately 
$6200 for the Tubbs Fire Warehouse Recovery Fund!  

Thank you to all those who donated items; attended the event; purchased auction items; provided additional funds at registration; and to the event committee! 

Click here for the event program. 

Thank you Marin Cyclists Club!

Lorraine Trautwein of Marin Cyclists presented a $5204 donation check towards our Warehouse Recovery Fund at the Holiday Dinner & Fundraiser on Friday, December 8, 2017. The check was presented to Bob Owen, President; Peter Verbiscar-Brown, Fundraising Chair; and Bridgette DeShields, Event Chair.


Alan Atkinson, Eagle Cycling Club Dave Brown Ginny Paton Karen Steele Peter & Denise Borocz Thomas Bucklew
Alan Green Dave Johnson Glendon O'Brien Karen Tourian Peter & Noni Verbiscar-Brown Tim Kaczmar
Alan Marshall Dave Smith Gordon Stewart Ken Ellison Peter Lutz Tim Schaefer
Allen Barbieri  David & Edie Gordon Gordy Vredenburg Kevin Cooper Phil & Louise Penna Tom Abrams
Andrew Newman David Brayton Gourmet Bike Tour Larry & Cathy Switzer Philip Welch Tom Duckett
Angela & David Levinger David Clark IV Grateful Member Larry Tomasson Ralph & Rosalie Webb Tom Helm & Barbara Moulton
Anonymous (22) David Gaus Greg Arthur Larry Wendt Rand Monroe Tom Karsten
B Simmons, W4 Cycling Tour  David Goldsmith Greg Lutz Laura & Brian Mitchler Red Peloton Tom Schwartz
Ben Lev David Henry Greg Stone Len & Jenny Hirschi Rich Collins Tony Buffa & Cynthia Spigarelli
Beryl Zimberoff David Koehser Grizzly Peak Cyclists Lewis Warren Rich Fuglewicz & Jean Cordalis Tour de Fuzz Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Foundation
Beth David Robertson Gwen Tunzini Linda & Sid Fluhrer Rich Turner Tracy Patton
Bike Monkey David Staples Harry Williamson Lucy Devlin Richard & Cindy Chadwick Uncle Robby Cotton
Bill & Kathy Oetinger David Taber Holly Brown-Williams Luis Arrondo Richard & Hiroko Lambert Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club
Bill and Pam Carroll David Van Everen Jack & Deb Hartnett Luke Scrivanich Richard Burg Vince Morabito
Bill Beadle, TT Alumnus & SFCC Member David Welch & Lydia Dehn James Albrecht Lynn Best Richard C. Anderson Wagner Carpet
Bill Osburn Davis Bike Club James Fitch & Genever Fox Marcia Shaw Richard Clothier Wayne Hallman
Blane Henley Debbie James M. Warren Margo & Ritch Addison Richard Drace Wayne Kellam
Bob Cauthorn Debbie Carbahal James VanDeLaarschot Marin Cyclists  Rick Sawyer Wei Chiu & Rebecca Parker
Bob Owen Dennis Finnigan Jamie Parfrey Marisa DeJoseph Robert Larsen Wendy Jacobsen
Bob Quail Dennis French Jan Vail Mark & Mary Gire Robert Morris Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
Bob Smith Dennis Prior Jay Abraham & Pam Collum Mark Heydon Robert W. Fadely William Arenander
Brad Biancalana DJ Madden Jay Alexander Mark Miller Roger Hoyer William E. Peatman
Brad Loose Don & Barbara Wolf Jay Stone Mark von Tagen Ron & Sharron Bates Roger Sayre
Brian Purcell & Jan Kahdmena Don Hobbs, W4 Cycling Tour Jean-Luc Servat Martha & Richard Pastcan Ronald & Gail Flatt Santa Cruz County Cycling Club
Brian Roberts Donna Norrell Jeanne Bush Martha Pitman Ronald La  Bruzzo San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club
Brien Anderson Doug & Stephanie Jeffrey Brown Martin & Billie Clinton Rose & Tina Rack Spot
Bruce Kinnison Doug J. Patterson Jeffrey Durra Martin & Maria Ebert Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Diablo Multisport Connection
Bruce Vecchitto Doug Wagner Jennie P Masayoshi Kobayashi Rotary Fire Relief Fund Robert Raburn
Buck Hall Douglas Kiner Jeremy Brott Mathew & Janeen Roxanne Bleier Helen McKinley
Camille & Chuck Pope Dr. Robert D. Gardner Jerry Applegate Matt Farnham S. Bumstead Alex Maslanka & Merle Miller
Cecily & David W. Majerus Eagle Cycling Club Jim DeGraw Megan A Arnold Samson Geller
Charles & Nancy Doval Ed Keller Joan Case Meredith Nielsen Samuel Addison
Charlie Williams Emmett & Lila Murphy Joe Conway Michael G. Sandy Houck
Charlie Wilson - ACTC Enrique & Celia Rojas Joel King Michael Ogul Santa's Little Helper
Chip Hay Eric Sinclair John Michael Walters Scott Duncan
Chris Eisenbarth Fabian Frank John & Carole Kolnes Michele Kane Scott Rauum
Chris Jones Firouzeh John & Carroll Hirsch Mike & Viki Miller Sean & Joanna Butler
Chuck Caffarella Follett USA John & Margie Biddick Mike Cooper Sherry & Pete Swayne
Claudia Eckelmann & Allen Hardy Francisco Azevedo John & Maria Thomas Mike McGuire Sierra Foothills Cycling Club
Coni Ahrendt Frank Pedrick John Anton Nancy Giovannini Simon Wood
Craig Hutchinson Frankie Sottile & Penny Sirota John Hanley Norman Beffert Slow and in the Way
Cree T. Cobb Fresno Cycling Club John Mills & Patty Graham Pam Anderson Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
Daja & Adam Phillips Friendly Feed & Supply John Murphy Patrick Scott Spencer Zootis
Dale Freeman Gail & David Dietz John Musselman Paul McKenzie Stephen & Kristine Sheerin
Dale Low Gary Goldman John Russell & Laura Dillon Paul Vlasveld Steve Germoles
Dan Pengra Gary Hochman & Anne Varco Jordan Brown Paul Whiteley Steve Greenberg
Dan Schurman & Molly Matheson Gary Weeks Joseph A. Fassler Paula DeFreitas Steve Saxe
Daniel Pickar Gayle Reed Joyce Chang & Bert Daniel Paulette McHugh Steven Drucker
Darren Bianchi Genevieve Navar Franklin Kamran Azmoudeh Perry Karsen Susie Bump
Dave Bringhurst Gianni Cycling Association Karen Gould Petaluma Wheelman The Peter DeGolia Family

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