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Mike Cooper

I joined the SRCC Board of Directors in June 2020 and have been a club member since 2010. I joined after speaking with a member who was participating in a club ride that I happened to catch up to when riding to work one day. He spoke very highly of the club and suggested I look at srcc.com. I did so shortly thereafter and have been a member ever since. I’ll never forget my first club ride which left from the Windsor Town Green. Me on my Marin Hybrid bike trying to stay up with all the road bikes! Some of the riders that day were kidding me about having a kickstand. One member of the club took pity on me and stayed with me even when I had to walk up a steep hill…I’ve never seen him since, but that’s the kind of member I wanted to be. 

My background as a long-time business owner of an Internet Development and Programming company is currently being utilized by the board to evaluate and make recommendations for updating the club’s website and the technology used for it.  I’m working with other members to facilitate this and make the SRCC website as good as it can be. 

Randy Davis

Catching the cycling bug many years ago, I have participated since 2016 riding my bicycle from SF to LA with the AIDS/LIFECYCLE event. The call of the grandchild had my wife and I move from the East Bay to Windsor in 2021. Prior to the move, I had cycled in all the major Sonoma County events and knew I was moving to cycling paradise. Once we were settled into the Windsor Town Green, I immediately joined and became a member of SRCC, before the moving van was even emptied! I have spent the last 35 plus years as a sales professional and project engineer in the commercial HVAC industry. I currently serve on the boards of three professional organizations and was excited to be nominated to participate on the board of SRCC. My family and I also enjoy water sports and am excited that Lake Sonoma is so close to get out and water ski and wakeboard with the family and friends!  Looking forward to enjoying the cycling and social activities that SRCC provides to its members and the beautiful Sonoma area! 

Lorenzo Freschet

While I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have a bicycle I only started riding one for recreation around 2008. After joining the SRCC I quickly observed it to be one of the best run and most impressive non-profit organizations I’ve ever witnessed. The quality of the people and the amazing commitment by so many truly sets it apart. I’ve been volunteering for many years with the fabulous WCC especially around the Workers Ride. Besides all the wonderful people, safety has been my primary concern and I can’t speak highly enough of the Club’s emphasis in these matters.

I’ve lived in Sonoma County for over 40 years, raised my family here, and retired from Hewlett-Packard. I seriously doubt I’ll ever live anywhere else and look forward to being on a bike well into my 80s.

Patty Graham

Patrecia, casually known as Patty, took up serious cycling when she realized she never saw her husband, John Mills, any more. Luckily, in addition to spending more time with her cycling hubby, it turned out she really loved riding her bike. On her first "long" ride, 15 miles from Santa Rosa to Coffee Catz in Sebastopol, John told her "...this is why we ride" - the coffee and the treats. With John, she is a ride leader, most notably organizing "Team Wednesday," and has lost track of how long the two have been posting weekly rides for the group.

Patty has retired from gainful employment at Petaluma Valley Hospital's laboratory. She was founder and director of Wings of Glory Community Black Gospel Choir for 14 years, and a church choir director for three different denominations. She also "retired" from playing the oboe, mainly because the reeds are impossible. She has served on a number of committees in musical and liturgical capacities.

Besides cycling, Patty enjoys walking a pair of husky mix dogs twice a day, and gardening in the "back forty."

David Majerus, Treasurer

I have been riding bikes my entire life.  My wife and I (we met riding bikes in Washington DC) moved to CA in 1998 and we joined the SRCC in 2012.  Our most interesting ride was a self-guided tour around the perimeter of the US on our tandem. Now fully retired, I spend my days walking our black lab (named Tourmelet) and riding my bike around the roads in Sonoma County.  With plenty of free time, I felt it was time to give back to the club and offered my services to be the new treasurer. 

John Mills

John is a long time member of the SRCC and has contributed to the club in many different ways. From leading hundreds of rides to serving previously on the board to working many years on the WCC and Terrible Two. He has helped organize special events including multi-level rides, monthly challenges and welcome wagon rides. John has also worked in the Sonoma County community on several different Boards and Commissions including 20 years on the County Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, and several terms on the Petaluma Planning Commission, Bicycle Advisory Committee and Architectural Review board. He has worked behind the scenes and in public forums to help promote bicycle advocacy and safety. In addition he has worked in the bicycle industry on all levels; manufacturing, wholesale, retail and as a local bicycle tour guide. 

Steve Saxe, President

Steve Saxe joined SRCC in 2012, shortly after returning to Sonoma County following a 37-year absence. Steve is a native of California and attended SRJC in the 1970s, where he started his career in theater and quickly switched to science for its preferred income potential. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and the University of Arizona, has lived for good stretches in Texas (long story) and Minnesota (longer story), and recently retired from his day job as a technical marketing manager for a local optical manufacturing company. In addition to his current passion for cycling, Steve is also a lifelong photographer and musician. If asked why he fancies the club, he will tell you that he loves the companionship of the wonderful and interesting people, and the fresh air and stunning landscapes of Sonoma County. 

Robert Quail

Living along part of the starting route for the Levi’s Fondo, Bob would go out every year watch the mass of riders go by, and thought “that looks like it could be fun.” Then, one of his daughters started riding, and, when a local bike shop was closing in October of 2013, and selling off inventory, she, a couple of friends convinced Bob to buy a bike and start riding.  Bob joined the club shortly thereafter in 2014.  Bob is still working full-time and rides mainly on the weekends, most often with the Church of the Bicycle group on Sundays.  Bob has been on the Boards of several local non-profit organizations since 1994, when he moved to Sonoma County from the South Bay. These include the Lattice Foundation  (school for children with autism), Children and Family Services of Sonoma County (day care services for “at-risk” toddlers), KRCB-North Bay Public Media (local PBS radio and TV), Forget Me Not Farm Children’s Services (programs for “at risk” teens and young adults), Bob was a Trustee of the Oak Grove Union School District from 2004-2010, and has been on the Board of the Humane Society of Sonoma County for over 10 years. Bob is a regular volunteer for club activities like the WCC and the TT, and helps out at the warehouse on a regular basis.

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