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Board Approved May 6, 2015

Note: No need to nominate Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition - the club makes a separate annual donation to SCBC.

  • Nominations will be solicited from members via an online process during the month of October.  Members will be asked to provide information about the group they are nominating, including website or email contacts.
  • Nominees must be local to the Bay Area and have 501 (c)(3) non-profit status.
  • To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, SRCC Board members and other appointed club officers may not submit nominations. In addition, SRCC members who are board members of another organization may not nominate that organization.
  • Once the nomination period ends in late October, the President and Treasurer will review the list of nominees to assure that each meets the criteria stated in Items 2 and 3. 
  • A final list of nominees will be published after the November board meeting, and members will be asked to cast their votes within the following two week period (before the end of November).  Each member may cast three votes.
  • Any nominee receiving less than 5% of the votes will be removed from the process. Those nominees receiving grants will be announced at the December general meeting and via the website or other means of communication with the membership.
  • Member Choice Donations will exist as a contingent line item in the annual budget.  Once the Treasurer has completed accounting for the year and the funds available for donation are assured, funds will be divided among grant recipients according to the percentage of votes received.  Checks will be mailed to grant recipients before the end of the year.
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