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The Services Directory is a place for members to list their commercial services for the benefit of other members. The display of this information is public and anyone (not just club members) can see it.  This service is managed by you when you make the necessary changes to your membership profile.  It is only available to active members; if your membership lapses your name will be removed from the list. 
A note on privacy:  This service can be used by the public (i.e. anyone who is not logged in as a member) and by members who are logged in.  Normally the public gets to see your name and email address, and since this is a public directory that's probably what you want.  Members have full access to your profile and see the same information as is available in the regular membership directory (which is available to any member who is logged in).

You can manage the items displayed to members and to the public by logging in then clicking View Profile, then Edit, then Privacy.  You'll now see a table of the data fields in your profile and a privacy setting beside each.  The privacy settings are "Anybody" which makes this item visible to the public, "Members" which makes it visible to members who are logged in, and "Nobody" which hides it from all viewers.

A note on categories:  To list your service you must select a category that matches your product.  The point of a category is to cluster like services together so it is easier for the users to find you.  Too many categories (or too few) make it more difficult for you to be found.  The webmaster maintains the list and it can be expanded or changed.  Suggestions for improvement are welcome.  The categories are:

Add New Category
 A service that really does not fit into any of the categories below.
Bikes & Automotive   Anything to do with bikes or cars.  Basically this is the transportation sector
Food & Entertainment Farms, restaurants, music
Homes & Buildings Buildings and their maintenance.  Includes Construction, maintenance of buildings and their surroundings, window washing, domestic services, landscaping, etc.
Professional Services Doctors, lawyers, computer & consulting services. Typically the result of a college degree.
Real Estate Real Estate transactions and associated services. 

If you feel that your service does not fall into any of these categories, you can select the Add New Category option and we'll try to accommodate it.
To include your business or service in the directory, you must do the following:
(View a pdf version of this page here, you might want to print a copy and use it as a guide for the steps below.)
  1. Login to the website as a club member
  2. Click on "View Profile" at the top right corner
  3. Edit your profile
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile to the "Include my business?" question and select the general category pertinent to your business. If there is no appropriate category for your business, select the "Add New Category" option and then include the new category suggestion in the description of your business.
  5. Just below the "Include my Business?" question you'll see a "Description of Business" box.  Fill in the details of your business; you may include a description of the services you provide and of course how you can be contacted - email, web page, phone #, twitter, facebook, etc.  
  6. Scroll all the way to the bottom and Save your profile.
  7. Log off the website
  8. Go to www.SRCC.com and follow the links to the Services Directory and verify your entry from the perspective of someone who is not logged in to the website as well as a club member who is logged into the website.

There will inevitably be several members who provide similar (competing?) services and the question will arise as to who is listed first. All entries on the Member Services Directory will be listed first by general category then in the order of their "Member Since" date. Those who have been SRCC members for the longest time will be listed first.

DO NOT INCLUDE ANY ADVERTISING.  This is an opportunity for you to ANNOUNCE your services and not to promote them.  Any entries deemed to be advertising will be removed. We're serious about this. Think NPR not Fox.

The Club is providing this service as an informational bulletin board and is not in any way responsible for any claims or statements made. The posting will be monitored and violations of the no advertising rule or of common decorum will result, at least, in the removal of the posting.

Please submit comments or suggestions for improvements using the club's Feedback Form.

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