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Mountain Goats Geysers beginners ride Sunday October 20th

Monday, October 21, 2019 5:42 AM | Dennis Prior

Hello all,

We had 43 registrants that signed up for the ride and few others show up who didn't sign up so we had a large group for this ride which was a surprise being we didn't give much notice.  We had 8-10 beginners who have never done the ride before so that was great that we had so many first timers.  Denny Davis was kind enough to sag this ride for us and we were very grateful for his time as this helped convince a number of people to try the ride.    Also a huge thanks to David Mair whose idea this was for the Goats to put on another beginners ride around a beautiful course that is very remote.

It was a beautiful day with perfect temperatures for this ride.  We had no mechanicals that I heard about and everyone made the loop!  When we rolled out of the parking lot it was a large group kind of riding together for a while but by the time we got to Cloverdale the pack had broken up into manageable groups and once we got going up Sulphur Springs Canyon it spread out even more which made it nice for all those riding.  We really don't want everyone cramped together going up the hills especially the steep sections.  Once we got back to Geyserville we had a celebratory beer for those that we still hanging around and we got to enjoy all the smiling faces that accomplished something they haven't done before and were holding back from trying the ride.  

So far of the 4 King Ridge  beginners rides and this one yesterday that we have put on we have only had one person not complete one of these rides.  So these very difficult rides are do-able if you slow down a bit, go at your own pace, and employ a few riding techniques that will help you get past the steeper sections of the rides.  I can't say enough about the riding clinics that the SRCC puts on for its members.  These clinics will make you a better and safer rider that will open up new and beautiful places that you would never otherwise experience.  So when they have these skills classes, pace line classes, and the hill climbing and descending Classes that the Steve and Jessie Kroeck, Richard Anderson and their helpers put on you should sing up for them.....and by all means take them 2-3 times just to freshen up your skills.  Another great class to take 2-3 times is the one Eric Peterson and some of his helpers put on about first aid and what to do if an accident occurs on a ride.

Enjoy the day,


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