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Kings Ridge Loop from Duncans Mills • 5/B/50 • Duncans Mills

  • Friday, April 08, 2016
  • 9:00 AM
  • Cazadero, Meyers Grade, Hwy 1; Dennis Prior

Starts at Duncan Mills
Led by Dennis Prior—484-4452

Occasional Regroups

The traditional King ridge loop from Duncan Mills. All C/D riders are welcome to join the ride. Please note that I would like no more than 4 people to a group riding down Cazadero Hwy and along Hwy 1 so that cars can easily leap frog around us. I want this to be as safe for us and the people driving the cars as much as possible. 

Roll out is 9am sharp so get there early! Once in the hills try to stay to the right as much as possible and keep your ears open for cars and trucks. Also wear as brilliant a color jersey as possible so we can be easily seen in the tree shadows up in the hills. Blinking lights are also recommended. Hopefully we get a great day of weather for the descent down Meyers grade to the coast.

Please park away from businesses.

Route slip here.

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