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Windsor to Geyserville • 2/BC/43 • Windsor Town Green

  • Wednesday, July 26, 2017
  • 8:50 AM
  • Westside,West Dry Creek, Canyon Geyserville; Dennis Prior

Starts at Windsor Town Green
Led by Dennis Prior—484-4452

Occasional Regroups

This is a fairly flat ride and we will be averaging 16mph minimum on this ride as I have things I have to do and want the ride to end by 12:30. So this will be a much flatter ride and faster ride than I normally lead and hence the BC rating. We will have a coffee break at Geyserville Mud Cafe as my bike can't go past that location without stopping (it has an uncanny ability to smell like scones or muffins and the brakes immediately engage)! There will be numerous locations for pace lines on this ride and we will be forming groups of 3, 4,or 5. The ride will roll out at 9am sharp.

If you can't be on time...be early...and if you can't do either....catch up! :-) Enjoy the day, Dennis

Please park away from the front of businesses.

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