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Mountain Goats Annual First Timers (ONLY) King Ridge • 5/A-D/50 • Duncans Mills

  • Saturday, October 03, 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • King Ridge, Seaview, Meyer's Grade. Dennis Prior



9 AM start

Starts at Duncans Mills

River Rd & Moscow Rd, Duncans Mills, CA

You MUST arrive AT LEAST 20-30 minutes early, as the group will depart at 9am SHARP.
Roll call and
COVID screening will be at 8:45 AM. If you are late, you will not be allowed to ride.


Pre-registration is required and each group will limited to 9 people (not including the leader and 3 helpers). Registration will close at midnight the night before the ride is scheduled.

All registrants must acknowledge, when they register, a COVID-19 Liability Release and that they will comply with the SRCC Covid-19 Compliance Plan. Please read the plan and come prepared (e.g., bring your face covering). Riders who have not signed up online will not be allowed to attend the ride.

If you can no longer attend, please cancel your registration as far in advance as possible (login to the SRCC website, go to the event page, click “already registered,” and then click the button to cancel). 

Led by Dennis Prior 484-4452

Co-leader(s): TBD

The parking for this ride will be on Moscow Rd. on the street in front of Gold Coast Bakery and rodeo grounds and also across the bridge over the Russian River going toward Monte Rio.

There will be someone at Tin Barn and King Ridge with water and a few snacks if someone needs that before we get to Ratna Ling up on Hauser Bridge.  With COVID we can’t have a AG as you really don’t want people from different households riding in other peoples cars at this point in time so make sure your bike is in good working order with tires that are in good shape as well and make sure you have a couple of spare tubes as well total with you with plenty of CO2 cartridges or a good pump.  

We've had a perfect record of people doing this ride for the first time making it around the course and that really is the purpose of this ride. This is not a race and we encourage people to take their time and enjoy the gorgeous scenery that is available throughout the ride. The views are just stunning!

For the first timers you will need to get your legs in good climbing shape to give yourself a good experience on this ride. If you haven't been doing any hill work before this ride then I wouldn't recommend doing this ride. Try to get in a fair amount of rides that are between 3500' and 4500' and around 40-50 miles so that your legs will be ready for the climbs throughout this ride. Here is a list of some hills you can practice on in the county that will get you ready for this ride: Cavedale, Trinity Rd., Los Alamos, Lichau Road, Sonoma Mtn, Geysers Rd, Pine Flat, Pine Mtn, Ft Ross Rd, Coleman Valley, Rockpile Rd., and Sweetwater Rd. are the ones that come to mind. These are all good roads to train on before the KR ride.

There will be 3 Goats who will escort the folks at the back and help them with encouragement and suggestions of some skills to help them get over the steeper sections. Please don't worry about what pace anyone else is going at, you just want to go at your pace and make sure you have enough oxygen to get yourself up the hills. Make it a nice social ride with some hills thrown in! :-).

Questions?  Email or call: Dennis Prior 484-4452

For a ride slip, click here.

  • Click here for the Club Ride Info Forum where ride leaders will post the route and other relevant information about the ride, including any changes in start time or location. Subscription to the forum will ensure you receive email updates of any changes. 

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