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Marc Moons' TT Report

Monday, June 23, 2014 9:13 AM | Bill Oetinger (Administrator)

Vanilla Strawberry Terrible Two

SRCC member Marc Moons sent this great report on the 2014 Terrible Two to the club chat list…

Ready to roll, glimpse cowboy Paul Stimson. Wish there was a way he could join us ... split second grab a pencil and tell Paul to print his name on my both forearms ... "this one his for you my friend" ... off we go in wee daylight hours. Crazy circus as usual, safest spot near bumper of pace car. Pace car Carlos done, Ted & Jady in charge ... ready to nuke the peloton. Speed goes up like rising sun. Brian leaves high speed train, agree we both know what it takes to win a TT ... ain't flying 30mph towards Trinity! Ted & Jady gone in a blink ... 2 desperados in slipstream.

A quality pace line is formed for our trip to base of Geysers: Mr. TT Brian Anderson, Aaron Wise from LA, multiple Colorado Triple Crown champ and good friend MarK Lowe, Carl Sanders (2nd in Stage Race), Max (3th Stage Race), El Toro Miguel Sanchez and a few more strong legs ... each doing their share keeping a sweet pace around 25mph. Besides a little road rash crash all reach Geysers in good spirits.

Geysers, time to test my and others legs. Feeling good. Also note that Aaron is following without any issues ... skinny guy ... has right amount of age, pounds and shape for climbs to come ... a guy to watch. We catch desperados on final climb to Geysers rest stop. Curtis looks pretty nuked, New Mexico guy looks burned but is able to hang in.

Refill Perpetuem and down we go. I take a swag of my bottle and almost puke it out. Vanilla flavored?!! ... only one flavor my Belgian stomach likes ... Chocolate!

Field reduced to 5, Brian, Aaron, Carl, New Mexican, me ... working the chain gang to catch Jady.

Lunch stop, Rita hands me two chocolate flavored gels ... perfect to nuke that doomed vanilla.

Aaron charges up Skaggs, impressive ... Brian, Carl and I decide to keep a more steady pace. Carl falls back a bit. Make a joint venture with Brian to combine our power to try catch Aaron. Flying down to bridge, we see Aaron going up Las Lomas climb. Game on!

Rancheria, Shane Barnes tell us Aaron is 5 min ahead. My stomach tells me I have 5 min to dump that vanilla crap. Tell Brian need to hit dumpster. A fearsome looking Rancheria Native guards the hole ... looks at me like I'm watching you! I better don't mark the seat. After 5 min relieved ready to jump horse. Shane hands me my bottles "sorry dude they didn't have chocolate ... filled it with strawberry flavor". Strawberry flavored?!!  ... only one flavor my Belgian stomach likes ... Chocolate! Stomach gives me the look.

Coast as stunning as ever ... cool and tailwind ... good sailing all way to Fort Ross Rest stop. Up and over Fort Ross. Need water to flush that Strawberry crap, so brief stop at Cazadero tennis court.

Monte Rio, a quick sip of Coke and a few gels to burn those last miles ... guess what no Chocolate flavor ... I settle for Huckelberry Montana or something ... don't taste it, just swallow and flush with gallons water. Sorry stomach but lasagna, chicken and beer are next!

At finish, greeted by cowboy Paul ... "we did it man, under 12hrs" I congratulate Aaron for his win, well deserved .... strong dude! Exchange high 5's with Brian for another good day on wheels!

Thanks 1001 volunteers for all support ... you all deserve a big box of Belgian Chocolate Pralines!

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