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River Bull

When I was seven, my father and grandfather first began taking me on mountain bike rides out in Annadel - short, and usually downhill only. However, as I grew older I became more and more interested in riding, and also began going from Santa Rosa to Sebastopol and back with my grandparents.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Annadel shut down, and I was cut off from mountain biking. So, in an effort to stay in shape, I started really getting into road riding. Not just short rides with my grandparents, but a 60 mile, then 100, then 140, and then last August I did my first double century down in Carmel. A fellow club member was kind enough to take me down there, and though I forgot my water bottles and made a lengthy detour, that ride was one of the best moments of my life, and got me addicted to riding long-distance.

Now, I’m in tenth grade, and have completed nine double centuries, including the Terrible Two. I’m certainly on the younger side, but I’m very passionate about Santa Rosa Cycling Club, and am determined to keep it alive and strong.

Mike Cooper

I joined the SRCC Board of Directors in June 2020 and have been a club member since 2010. I joined after speaking with a member who was participating in a club ride that I happened to catch up to when riding to work one day. He spoke very highly of the club and suggested I look at srcc.com. I did so shortly thereafter and have been a member ever since. I’ll never forget my first club ride which left from the Windsor Town Green. Me on my Marin Hybrid bike trying to stay up with all the road bikes! Some of the riders that day were kidding me about having a kickstand. One member of the club took pity on me and stayed with me even when I had to walk up a steep hill…I’ve never seen him since, but that’s the kind of member I wanted to be. 

My background as a long-time business owner of an Internet Development and Programming company is currently being utilized by the board to evaluate and make recommendations for updating the club’s website and the technology used for it.  I’m working with other members to facilitate this and make the SRCC website as good as it can be. 

Deborah Davidson, Secretary

Deborah has been a bike enthusiast since age 4, when she received a Huffy bike with training wheels. After experiencing falls and skinned knees, she developed a taste of the freedom and exhilaration a bike had to offer. Since then, she's incorporated an assortment of cruisers, mountain bikes and road bikes.

Deborah was born in Ft. Benning, Georgia, the youngest in a military family. That meant moving every 2-3 years and being able to ride on military bases unfettered. The bike provided an exciting way to explore the new domains.

Deborah pulled up stakes from Florida in 2007, where she landed in beautiful Sonoma County. Her first climb was up Lawndale Road, where she had to dismount and walk her bike .Eventually, she was able to obtain skills and camaraderie through SRCC, after joining the club in 2017. The members were encouraging and supportive and since that time, Deborah has volunteered for the WCC, led several rides and would like to give back to the club by becoming more involved in its’ day to day operations.

Deborah has lived in Sonoma County for 16 years, has led Oakmont rides for approximately 7 years, and has volunteered with performing arts venues. She received a B.S. degree in Journalism from the University of Florida and a MSW from Florida State University. Deborah practiced as a L.C.S.W. and retired in 2022. Her hobbies include cycling, gardening, hiking, reading, photography, fine arts, and film.

David Majerus, Treasurer

I have been riding bikes my entire life.  My wife and I (we met riding bikes in Washington DC) moved to CA in 1998 and we joined the SRCC in 2012.  Our most interesting ride was a self-guided tour around the perimeter of the US on our tandem. Now fully retired, I spend my days walking our black lab (named Tourmelet) and riding my bike around the roads in Sonoma County.  With plenty of free time, I felt it was time to give back to the club and offered my services to be the new treasurer. 

John Mills, Vice President

John is a long time member of the SRCC and has contributed to the club in many different ways. From leading hundreds of rides to serving previously on the board to working many years on the WCC and Terrible Two. He has helped organize special events including multi-level rides, monthly challenges and welcome wagon rides. John has also worked in the Sonoma County community on several different Boards and Commissions including 20 years on the County Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, and several terms on the Petaluma Planning Commission, Bicycle Advisory Committee and Architectural Review board. He has worked behind the scenes and in public forums to help promote bicycle advocacy and safety. In addition he has worked in the bicycle industry on all levels; manufacturing, wholesale, retail and as a local bicycle tour guide. 

Mike Sarmiento

At 13 years old, I'd saved enough paper route money to buy my first bike - a red Bianchi Classica 10 speed. I biked alone, until I recruited a few friends, just as crazy as me, who wanted the freedom of riding all day, coming home starving & exhausted after dark, to families that nicknamed us “eenie” for behaving like Italian wannabe’s a la ‘Breaking Away’. Throughout high school & my undergrad years at Cal, riding became an integral part of who I was, and then career (E&Y and start-ups), grad school (Notre Dame), family (two children), and general life happened. Fast forward to August 2022, which ended a 30+ year pause with road cycling, and I'm back on my bike, rediscovering my love for the sport. More importantly, I joined a cycling club for the first time in my life. When I joined SRCC in January 2023, I didn't see many rides starting in Petaluma, and solved that by leading rides originating from where I lived. I've become friends with members, volunteered for the WCC and TT, and thoroughly enjoyed riding from Santa Barbara to Mexico on the club's SoCal tour. A core philosophy of mine is that you only get out of life what you put into it. Serving on SRCC's board feels like a natural fit with who I am, kind of like your favorite pair of cycling gloves. Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Saxe, President

Steve Saxe joined SRCC in 2012, shortly after returning to Sonoma County following a 37-year absence. Steve is a native of California and attended SRJC in the 1970s, where he started his career in theater and quickly switched to science for its preferred income potential. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and the University of Arizona, has lived for good stretches in Texas (long story) and Minnesota (longer story), and recently retired from his day job as a technical marketing manager for a local optical manufacturing company. In addition to his current passion for cycling, Steve is also a lifelong photographer and musician. If asked why he fancies the club, he will tell you that he loves the companionship of the wonderful and interesting people, and the fresh air and stunning landscapes of Sonoma County. 

Mark Terrien

I began cycling in Sonoma County when I moved here in 1980 from Wisconsin to work at HP.  Retirement from the electronics industry in 2021 made it much easier to ride regularly with the club.  I’ve enjoyed the rides, friendships and camaraderie of the SRCC members I’ve met, including the Tail Winds, Team Wednesday and Friendly Friday folks.  I’ve also enjoyed giving back to the club by volunteering for the WCC and leading rides. 

I have a background in electronics and business, having worked as a program manager with groups of people developing new and interesting products.  I served for two years on the Board of Directors of the local American Heart Association. Along with cycling, I’m passionate about guitar playing, music and winemaking. 

Robert Quail

Living along part of the starting route for the Levi’s Fondo, Bob would go out every year watch the mass of riders go by, and thought “that looks like it could be fun.” Then, one of his daughters started riding, and, when a local bike shop was closing in October of 2013, and selling off inventory, she, a couple of friends convinced Bob to buy a bike and start riding.  Bob joined the club shortly thereafter in 2014.  Bob is still working full-time and rides mainly on the weekends, most often with the Church of the Bicycle group on Sundays.  Bob has been on the Boards of several local non-profit organizations since 1994, when he moved to Sonoma County from the South Bay. These include the Lattice Foundation  (school for children with autism), Children and Family Services of Sonoma County (day care services for “at-risk” toddlers), KRCB-North Bay Public Media (local PBS radio and TV), Forget Me Not Farm Children’s Services (programs for “at risk” teens and young adults), Bob was a Trustee of the Oak Grove Union School District from 2004-2010, and has been on the Board of the Humane Society of Sonoma County for over 10 years. Bob is a regular volunteer for club activities like the WCC and the TT, and helps out at the warehouse on a regular basis.

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